When You Look Me In The Eyes

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8. Flashbacks.

Alissa's P.O.V

What is up with Bridge? She is the serious one, the caregiving one, the smart one, THE ON-TIME ONE!! I'm really worried about her, she's like my sister... She is really freindly, once she feels comfrotable.. Shr's a shy one.

It's been 48 minutes since I sent that text pricicly. I should probably go and see where she went, but where would she go? Let's see, after the concert, she got up and left the arena. I think she muttered to herself that this is her only time to say hi to him. Him? Who would be him? Then it came to me. Now I know where she went.

She went backstage to say hi to Niall. I believe Niall was the reason she was holding back tears. But why? She doesn't have a backstage pass. I get up and run to the entrance to the backstage area. There was a gaurd there. How did Bridge get pass him?

"Hi, I'm looking for my friend. Do you know where she went?" I asked the guy.

"What did she look like?" He asked me.

"Uhh... She's tall. Blonde hair, green eyes, wearing a t-shirt with a bunny with a mustache saying 'I'm a hairy hare', skinny jeans, and a beanie." I tell him. "Ah, yes Darling, I have seen her she's inside that room right there. I can fetch her if you'd like?" He says. Fetch? Did he just say "Fetch?"

"Yes, that'd be perferable" I say. He leaves and 'Fetchs' her. She comes out and I fill with joy to see her face. I get a text from my mom to come home. "Oh, we have to go Bridge. I'll kill you for scaring me at school, kay?" I say. She laughs and I give her the "I'm serious" look and then crack up with her. I look at her and say, "That guy said, 'Ah, yes Darling, I have seen her she's inside that room right there. I can fetch her if you'd like?' " I say in my best man voice.

She looks at me, then back to the man, then to me again. "Really?" She whispers, I nod then she makes that 'phstkt' sound while your holding back a laugh, then laughs so hard my great grandmother, who by the way is DEAD, could hear her.

"Shh! He could hear you!" I whisper/yell to her, while yanking my head backwards towards the guard. "Oh, I'll be back. Like um.. In 5 minutes" Bridget says.

"You have 5 minutes Liddle. 5 minutes!" I say, then say goodbye and set for home. "Hey! Text me when you get home!" I say, pointing to my iPhone.

Bridget's P.O.V

"You have 5 minutes Liddle. 5 minutes!" Alissa says.

"Alright. See ya soon." I tell her.

"Ok. I really got to go." She said and sets for home. "Hey! Text me when you get home!" She shouts while pointing to her iPhone. I nod and head back to the room. 

"Hey, who were you talking to?" Zayn asks.

"Alissa. You met her already." I answer.

"Really?" He questions.

"Yeah. She was the girl who drove us back after I had my meltdown at the park." I tell him. He suddenly gets this look on his face that means he undertstood what I said. "I got to go soon. My mum is probably getting worried." I tell the boys.

"Okay. If you want, we can give you our numbers. We didn't give them to you at Boot Camp." Harry says.

"I already have Niall's, I can ask him for them." I tell him.

"How did you get Niall's number?" Liam asks.


I look up after exiting out of the Facetime with Kaylyn. Niall was actually standing right there. "Hi." I say to him.

"Hi. Who was that?" He asks as he sits down next to me.

"Kaylyn, my little sister. She and her friends are really big fans of you guys. It was their idea to make me come here." I answer.

"Well, I thank your sister." He states.

"Why?" I ask. How can someone thank Kaylyn for making me go to a concert I didn't want to go to?

"Well, for one, we got to see you again." Niall answers. "And...well...we haven't seen you in two years." Now I get where he's going.

"Now, I feel like I should thank her when I get home because if I hadn't come here, I wouldn't see you guys." I tell him.

Suddenly, he pulls out his phone while taking mine. "Niall, what are you doing?" I ask. But he completely ignored me. After a few minutes, he gives me my phone back and I get a text from someone named "Nialler". "Did you put your phone number in here?" I ask giving him a weird look.

"Yeah. Well, I haven't seen you since X-Factor and..." He started, but we were interupted by a security guy who said that someone was looking for me. I got up and left him there.


"That's how I got Niall's number." I end.

"Okay." Harry says.

I check the time, and my five minutes are up. "I got to go. Nice seeing you guys again." I tell them while giving them all a big hug. There's a tear forming in my eye. I wipe it away and walk out of backstage, out of the arena, step into my car, and set for home.


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