When You Look Me In The Eyes

our fan fiction


15. Don't die

Niall's POV

I had to do this. It's my choice, not the boys, not Paul's, not Simon's. It was full on my choice to kill myself. It's not like anyone'll miss me...


"But me and him are brothers! We wanted to keep it secret- For our sake!" Cries Louis, I could tell by his thick.. Loud, accent.


I hear the door click back, and a few squeaky taps of Lou's shoes. This one hurts the most, Mum and Dad already been in and Greg is off with his girlfriend. But this was like a bullet in my chest, this was my best buddy.


"Oh my gosh! Look at him! Doc. please tell me he can hear me, at least hear me!"


I can hear you, Buddy! I scream, hoping he could hear. This was like trying to climb a wall of water with nothing to hold on to. You just keep letting go.


"Well, he's in VERY bad condition," Dr. Kingston said, as if I was a very rare action figure, "But yes, he can hear, pretty much everything."


"Good, 'cause this is something for him," Louis sounds like he's on the verge of tears, "Hint the word 'HIM'!"


After he's gone, Louis pulls over a chair. (I hear the thing squeking, 'kay?)


"Look man, I know things are tough, life is tough. But it's worth something, and that's not always the girl. In your case- Our case, it's being a legend. It's always being up, when things bring you down. And maybe, this is a test. It's where you decide- Either I am going to be something, make a big comeback, and go further into my life. Or, will I be a ninny and die, RIGHT when our careers were setting off- Right when somebody heard our songs and said, 'Wow, these guys are gonna get big' It's your decison, bro. Just remember one thing, I'll love you like brothers should. Forever."

I wanted to sling my arm around his shoulders and comfort him to say that he doesn't have a choice on my fate, but he is right. We're brothers, and we stick together till the end of time. Dang I wish I didn't cut myself. I made the dumbest move of my entire life and here I am on the verge of dying.

I hear Dr. Kingston's shoes squeak against the smooth floors and stands by my bedside alongside Lou. I felt a tear drop against my arm, knowing that Louis must be crying a waterfall out there. "If you want, you can bring your friends in."  They both get up and leave me alone in the hospital room. Or in my case, the black hole that I'm disappearing into.


"Do I just sit over here?" I hear the most soft, and pleasent voice on earth.

"Yeah, that's alright over there Briget." Harry says, lowly, and a bit quieter than he is.


I paw around in my body, or hole? I don't know. I paw around somewhere, at least, and try to concentrait on any part and every part. Tap, I feel something bare and cold hit a backboard of some sort.


"Liam. Liam, you saw that? I saw his footie hit the board! LIAM I SAW HIM MOVE!" Danielle screams, like she won the lottery. I start hearing rushing feet, and gasps.  That's it! Holding on to the foot, I hit something oval -ish and very curvey. They broke into a fit of laughter.


"Babe! He hit his own face! And this time it wasn't with a shovel looking for gold in his lawn!" Louis laughs, probably leaning on Eleanor for support. Okay, that must've shown me where my face is... Hey! You look for gold once, and then your friend never forgets.


"Don't forget about the shovel part, lad!" Louis laughs, suddenly the only one with that action.


"He'd spoken!" Everyone yells.

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