When You Look Me In The Eyes

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7. 1..2...3

Bridget's P.O.V

I hear something from Niall, but I don't hear it. "W.. What?" I sniffle. His eyes go big, and also more.. watery, if thats a word anyways. He blushes and then opens his mouth, and takes a big gasp of air just to let it out, slowly. "I'm...... HUNGRY! Yes! Hungry, that's me.. Niall Hungry Horan..." He says, then laughs nervously. "Smooth." Louis says. He has a mad face and sprints to tackle him.

My phone goes off, it's Alissa. A text. "WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU? I CHECKED THE BATHROOM, your car was in the parking lot... DID YOU TAKE A CAB TO ESCAPE ME!? UGHHHH! TEXT BACK!!! <3 Alissa" I giggle at her pre-made signature, because it's a heart, and she's mad at me and didn't even bother to make a mad face.. She uses the icons alot though.

Alissa.. Alissa..... Darn it! I forgot to call her. I sigh. I pull out the texting app, then get a call, from mom. I answer it, but it was cute, fimallier voice. Tottally not mom. "Brrrriiiiiiiiiddddddddgggggggggeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!! Did you see them? DID YOU SEE ONE DIRECTION? OHHH TELL LOUIS I LOVE, AND EAT CARROTS!! TELL LIAM THAT I LOOOOVVVEEEE HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMM!!!!!!" She screachs, and I laugh. "One second, then YOU can tell them, Kaylyn." Then I hear 5 screams, which meant, 1. She had her friends with her. 2. I was on speaker phone.

I put her on and mouth to all of them, "On 3 say 'Hi Kaylyn and friends' Kay?" They nod. I hold my fingers 1...2.. "HI KAYLYN AND FRIENDS" Louis yells. I made a mean face, while my sister screams then ends the phone call. Then I get a facetime.

Louis POV

I was just getting out of the bathroom. I mean, singing on stage for an hour, maybe two, is a long time without using the latrine. When I get backstage, I hear Niall say "Hungry, that's me.. Niall Hungry Horan." In an unusually nervous voice. He was so down earlier but I don't know why, and now he's saying he's "Niall Hungry Horan".

"Smooth." I tell him. Then I realize that he's talking to a girl. A girl! Wait! Not just any girl. I've seen her in the audience, and that face is familiar from two years ago. Of course. It's Bridget Liddle from X-factor. Suddenly, he was giving me the mad face and was beginning to charge at me. I trip on my feet, find my balance, and begin running. He finally jumped on me. I was toppled by Niall and I find myself kissing the cold, hard ground. Hope Eleanor doesn't know about this.

"DUDE! I WAS TALKING TO BRIDGET AND YOU RUINED THE MOMENT!" Niall screamed/whispered into my ear.

"Can't...Breathe..." I manage to get out. Well I was the stuff inbetween a sandwich and the floor and Niall are the bread. "Can...You...Get...Off?" He finally scrambled off of me. Moment. What moment was he talking about?

"Sorry. I got a little carried away there." He tells me. "I...I just haven't seen Bridget since Simon's house."

I'm really confused right now. "What happened at Simon's house? And what 'moment' where you talking about?" I ask him.

We were silent for a moment, and he answered, "I'll tell you about what happened at Simon's house later. Well...I kinda...It..." Niall studders.

"What?!" I asked with a bit of anger in my voice.

"I have feelings for Bridget." He spits out.

My pupils widened. He has feelings for a girl we've only known for a few weeks two years ago. "Well, I don't blame you for it. We all know what happened after me and El first met." I say.

"You were, and quote, 'Mesmerized by her beauty and passion that you can't take your eyes off of her'." Niall states. My face goes beet red with embarrassment. Of course he had to state that.

"Okay. How about we forget this conversation happened and we go back to Bridget and talk to her about...whatever." I offer and we go back to where we left her.

She was talking on her phone. The rest of the boys come over and she notices us.  Bridget looks up from her phone and mouths, "On 3 say 'Hi Kaylyn and friends' Kay?" She must be talking to her sister I believe.

She puts up one finger, then two. I couldn't resist it and before she could say three I scream "HI KAYLYN AND FRIENDS!" She gave me and mean look, like Niall, and we suddenly hear girls squealing on the other line. After a few seconds, Bridget put down her phone.

"She hung up." She told us. Her phone started buzzing, and I see that "Kaylyn Liddle" wants to facetime. "Ugh. Why now?" She says to herself and hits accept. I didn't want to, but I eavesdropped into their conversation.

"Kaylyn, what do you want?" Bridget asks.

I heard a faint voice say either "You're backstage with One Direction." or "No taxation without perfection." I believe the first one.

"Yeah. So?" She asks again. Suddenly, Bridget looks up and says, "Hi." to someone. Not me, because she isn't looking in my direction. I look to my right to find a familiar person.





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