We Meet Again (One Direction Fanfic)

Evelyn has lived a miserable life after her bestfriend had left for the X-Factor. 2 years later, they encounter each other, but only one remembers the other. But what will happen? Will they be reunited as friends again? Or will they be more? Stay tuned to find out.


2. Remembering

Harry's POV

She slowly nodded. Oh my god. She then said she had to leave.

"Don't go!" Niall said. But she nodded her head no.

"Wait give me your number?" Eleanor asked her. She nodded and gave it her. She walked outside and left.


Evelyn's POV

I walked back to my flat and locked the door when I was inside. I couldn't help but have tears stream down my face. The phone rang but I let the machine get it.

"Remember Me?" Was the message. I let the memory go and fell asleep. When I awoke, I did my daily mourning stuff. I went for a walk with my dog. When I was around the corner, I recognized one ofhis friends. Louis. Please don't let him recogize me.

"Hey!" He said walking over to me. Great.

"Hi." I said

"Harry's been looking for you!."

"Me?" I asked confused.

"Ya! Come on!" He said yanking my arm.


Harry's POV

I was at home still thinking about her. I justcan't gether out of my head.

"Helloe!" Louis said barging through the door causing me to jump. And he had brought her.

"H..hi." i managed to get out.

"Hi," She said softly smiling. I smiled back.

"Well bye!." Louis running back out the door.

"So how you been?" I asked

"Good." She replied

"Eve, I just"

"It's ok, I've forgotten all about it." She said as tears started to form in her eyes.

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