We Meet Again (One Direction Fanfic)

Evelyn has lived a miserable life after her bestfriend had left for the X-Factor. 2 years later, they encounter each other, but only one remembers the other. But what will happen? Will they be reunited as friends again? Or will they be more? Stay tuned to find out.


1. At First Sight

Evelyn's POV

I was walking around trying to get my mind off things. I gently touched the necklace my bestfriend had given me before he went away. I slightly smiled at the thought of when we were kids. My smile slowly faded as it started raining. I didn't mind until  it started pouring. I kept walking until someone turned their porch light on and came outside.

"Come inside! You'll be soaking wet!" The guy told me.

"No I'm fine really I was just about to go home anyway." I replied.

"Please? I don't want you getting sick." He said.

"Ok." I said as he guided me inside. His voice for some reason sounded so familiar. As soon as I walked inside I was instantly hit with a water gun.

"Zayn! Can you not see she's wet enough."

"Oh My God I'm so sorry!"

"It's fine." I said

"Here, let me give you something dry to change into." A friend of theres said

"Ok." I said as she took me to her room. I changed into the clothes she lent me and we walked back out to the living room to find the guys wrestling.

"Um..." She said

"Sorry." The guys said standing up.


Harry's POV

That girl, she seems so familiar.

"I'm soory but we didn't quite catch your name?" Liam asked her.

"Evelyn." She responded. Woah, whoah,whoah, whoah!

"Evelyn Mikey?" I asked.

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