the door



7. the test.

"mother" the creature rasped. " I know, I used her as bait, because you've been a bad, bad girl." angela looked at it, with her black eyes. "what do you mean..." it spun and drifted in the air, and laughed. "hmmm... What happened... To your. Father angela? Hmmmmm.. angela." she gasped. "it wasn't... My fault... I swear." the creature span around the bed, drifting... "oh, tell me what happens then..." it was 6 years ago... When she was10 years old. Her mother and father were fighting, arguing, then her father hit her mother, so angela returned the favour... With a glass bottle, on the back of her fathers head. "hmmm... Well... I'll make you a deal..." it hissed, "you go out the room... Into the land of your nightmares... Your imagination will create what your afraid of...
If you can find your mother... Just go to sleep... You'll be out of here..." it laughed and then disapeared. Angela looked around... There was nothing... And she was still straped to the- suddenly she fell to the floor. Well, I say fell more more was thrown. Everything went black, then orange...

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