the door



2. the information

After the, horrific phone call the day before, angela passed out, from tiredness, and from fear. When she awoke in the morning a million things were in her mind.What did the voice mean? Find the door? She was confused. the agonising scream bounced through her head. Was... That really her mother? Where was she? Who was. 'him' and what did he do. Right now, was not the time for answers. She poured herself a black coffee and stared, remembered. The coffee was as black as her eyes. A knock, loud but gentle. It was jaxx. She opened the door, "yes?" she hissed, it was a beautiful morning, she hated them . Jaxx stared at her coldly with his grey eyes. "I have information." she whispered, angela motioned for him to come in. "shut the door behind you, will you? " he did. They both sat on the pale sofa. "jaxx, its been terrible! " she confessed. " she called me..." "woah, woah, woah.... Have you Been talking those "pills" again? She's dead Angie." angela was broken down, Weeping. "she did jaxx, I swear it.". "your eyes are getting darker... Angie.. " jaxx frowned. "lets see it," she shook her head, no. "please?" she hesitated, but then pulled down her trousers, revealing a puss filled bite mark. "how did this happen again? Don't tell me it was a love bite, that's pathetic." she moaned. "it hurts... Me and emma-leigh was camping remember? Some weirdo bit me as I woke up, he fled." jaxx sighed, "were, " he corrected. " do you believe in were wolves? " he asked. She laughed, "no! There not real, wait your not saying..." "you got bit by one and now your becoming one? Yes, in afraid I am." he continued, " that can't be right... I don't believe in werewolves... There not real... " jaxx shook his head, worried. " in sorry but... Have you had cravings for darkness, meat and killing? " "I don't know-" "HAVE YOU!?" He shouted, "yes." "then black eyes... Your a were wolf. " he smiled, "welcome to the family." angela lost her smile. " wait you're... -" she turned pale. "yes." she screamed, "GET OUT MY HOUSE NOW!" "your making a mistake... "I. Am. Not. Get out if my house, never come back." she shoos him out. The door closed with a bang, she fell to the floor sobbing. "I can't be... No... They don't... Please..." she walked to a mirror. The changes were.... Amazing. Long black claws that she never noticed before were Growing out of her hands, her nose, became pointy, her cloths, ripped and fell to the floor in bits, growling, she left the house for prey.
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