the door



4. the first time

She grinned, her eyes as evil and as black as the night, angela put on the most old and horrible, baggy cloths she could find. She sang to herself, the fun she is going to have, how the night will swollow her and she will become the figure of the shaddows. Jaxx burst into the room, "wait! " he shouted, "what?" "I know what you are... I know what your going to di... Don't do it... Once your openly shown to the moon light... You... Can't turn back... Don't go. I forbid you..." "you don't own me! You can't tell me what to do! " angela slapped him, so hard he fell, and all was silent Until, jaxx spluttered.... Blood. "oh, my god..." Angela cried. "I'm" she wept. But, then she smiled. "im not. Goodbye... As I become a creature of the night." jack cried aswel.. For her. Angela was still grinning as she jumped out the window, and landed with a thump. Running, trying to escape herself... As she ran deeper, and deeper into the woods. She spotted the moon, high in the sky... And howled. She didn't know why.
she felt the inner beast clawing her insides itching to get out, to own her. She felt rich brown hairs sprout, covering her body, she felt her bones grow and click into shape, a snout, she could smell, her dinner. So alive, so tasty.... Her claws as black as her eyes, and as sharp as knives, hoping to rip a humans delicate skin into a million pieces. She howled, but, heard a voice in her head. "come back." jaxx. "don't do it." but then another voice... " the door. Find the... Door...". That was. Her... Mission. She fought the verge to kill, and used her super wolf senses to find it. The door.... To hell.
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