the door



3. the dream.

She woke. It... Was a dream?, she was confused. It felt so real, suddenly she darted upwards, out of her bed. Someone was in the house. She pulled off her covers to find her leg, plastered up, but... She didn't remember... The door knob twisted and a dark figure stepped into the room, " Angie? " came the voice, it was jaxx. "w-what... Happened...?" angela moaned. Jaxx ran full speed across the room, and gave her a tight bear hug, he was crying, him. "I was round earlier... You were telling me about your mother calling, and you fell, to the floor. Your leg gave a loud crack and turned 360 degrees... Then you started chanting some weird shit, Angie" he gasped " I was, so, so scared..." him? Scared? "what was I saying? " she mumbled, " the door, i can't find the door, in coming mother, the door. Where is the door. Then you would scream, i am not one of you, and repeat." he said, "do you know what that means?" I shook my head. "no" I said, "get some rest, " he smiled, "okay, " angela pretended to sleep and then got up after jaxx shut the door. "the bite... Its still there..." she whispered, confused, "so... I... Am... A... " she screamed. Jaxx rushed in, "what is it!?" he panicked, "nothing, in going out tonight..." grinned Angie, "oh, cool! Can I come? " "nah, its private, "still grinning, she couldn't wait to let herself free into the Forrest, her home.
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