the door



5. the door.

Out of the corner of angela's black and white wolf vision, she saw a glowing red light in the distance. A camp fire, she sniffed the air. Two campers, both men, one gay, one straight, best friends. Talking about fishing. Cooking.... Chicken. She creeped silently, through the tall grass and shadowy trees. There smell, of flesh and blood, is... Overwhelming. There beating hearts, wanted to be ripped out by angela, she got so close, you could see her shadow... She was about to swipe her claws across his head and let brain juice leak out, when she thought. What was she really here for? Looking for the door? Or to satisfy her needs. she must rescue her mother, but... They look... Delicious... But... No. The echo, of an agonizing scream, maybe her mothers, bounced through her mind. The door, she realised, she must find it, don't get distracted. It was Where the dead lay, alive.... Being tortured for eternity. 'Mother, may be there.' angela thought, 'trapped.' she walked away from the campers, "sorry!" she apologized, but as she was a werewolf, nothing but a growl of Hatred, came out. They screamed, and she fled into the darkness.
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