the door



1. the beginning.

She looked at herself, in the mirror. What had happened to her? Why were her eyes now black instead of bright, moon blue, and why, did she crave flesh? Not animal flesh, not the chicken flesh that her mother used to cook on a Sunday afternoon, human flesh. Why did she, when the pale moon rises high in the never ending sky, does she want to hide in the woods and kill anything in her path. She didn't know, no-one knew. Suddenly the phone rang, a short yet loud high pitched ring that hurt her ears, she didn't hesitate to pick it up, a worried voice came from it, "angela?" the voice piped, it was annoying too, and how did they know her name.... "who... Are you..." she growled, "its... Your mother, angela." "mom? You disappeared... They announced your death... Who is this!? " the phone is silent. "i-its me... It really is, I... I can see you. " the voice said. It sounds like mother, she thought. Angela lowered her black shimmering eyes. " who is this.. How do you know me... my mother hasn't been here for two years. She's dead. Leave me alone. " A salty tear was running down her pale face, " its me... Oh, no. He's coming back. help me, HELP ME. " there was a sound, of pain, a growl... and then a scream. " m-mother?" the scream was agonising, going on and on, a rasping voice grew louder and louder, chanting a rhythm, after listening closely angela found out what it was saying. "find the door. Find the door. Find. The. Door. Save her "
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