the door



6. it opend...

That was close, too close, she thought, and collapsed, onto the Forrest floor. She was asleep, but she didn't know how long, but she did know, a orange orb awoke her. It was trying to make contact, trying to tell her something.... So she followed it, it was fast, but angela was faster, it and her had a race, forgetting the world beyond. She laughed and howled, a short howl of joy,
Until she came to a open field, it was a perfect circle. Surrounded by trees.
Angela felt a sick feeling in her stomach, what was happening? She felt a low rumble under her paws, echoing, then there was a deafening crack, like a million bones being broken. The ground split open, before her very eyes. She howled, a frightened, high pitched howl, as she lost grip of what was real, and what was fake, the world was spinning, colours everywhere, the orb spinning wildly... As angela fell deep into the dark, never ending door to hell.

When she awoke, she was in pain. Angela was in a white room. On a white bed, she tried to sit up, she failed. Her hands and legs were tied to the bed. Next to her was a computer, which she was wired to. She gasped, as the most amazing creature came out the shadows. It was, beautiful. It was black... Air, swirling, drifting... Slowly yet carefully, but it was, crazy. Suddenly iy laughed, maniacally. "hello angela. Angie, Anna, angel" she stared at him with cold black eyes, that shimmered. "I have what your looking for..." he hissed, he picked up a controller, and pushed a bright orange button. A television came on, showing a woman, in a room. Crying, in agonizing pain, she had dirty blonde hair, and stale bright blue eyes. "but that's my-"
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