The new school we all go to

Brit and her friends Annarose, Michael, Jimmy, JJ, Bobby, Jarrett, James and Jack are all runaway kids form their old school to a new runaway school. The school gets burned down after we get new students....One direction. The school has known this was going to happen so they all move to Great Wolf Loudge a freakin indoor waterpark as a new school. Better thing is they rented the whole place out so no one else beside the school is in there. One problem is...JJ likes Jimmy, Bobby likes Jarrett, and Jack likes James and Harry likes now Brit and Annarose are playing cupid with Michael and their other friend Monique or Mo Mo...Will it work out? Who knows


6. Where is Jimmy?



I ran out of the room looking for Jimmy. “Damn it Jimmy where the fuck did you go!?” I ran outside and walked down the streets for a while and stopped at a corner and saw Jimmy across the street and he was running. I waited and it felt like forever. When I was able to cross the street I did. I sprinted down the street and stopped looking for him. I sighed softly and turned around and started to head back. I was looking down and looked up seeing a drunk driver come off the road and near me. I felt someone tackle me as the car hit a tree and I looked up seeing who it was. I felt weight from my chest leave and I held my eyes closed tightly. “Am I dead?” I had mumbled softly. I snapped my open and looked up seeing Jimmy mumbling no. I sat up shocked and Jimmy got up and started to leave. I got up and ran to him wrapping my arms and got him back to the grass. “You no leave me!!” I looked up seeing Jimmy just blushing and confused at chuckled softly. Jimmy just sat down on the grass and I sat next to me. He played with his hands and I huffed playfully. “That’s my joooooooob!!!” I said. Jimmy only chuckled.

“Don’t be a cunt.” Jimmy had told me

I made a playful mean face “THAT’S JASON NOT ME!!”

Jimmy laughed and so did I. We both got up and walked home and saw everyone asleep. I yawned and dropped to the floor asleep. I was waaaaay to tired for anything. I woke up and saw Jimmy on the couch and I was on his bed. I shook my head and laid down and fell back asleep .



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