The new school we all go to

Brit and her friends Annarose, Michael, Jimmy, JJ, Bobby, Jarrett, James and Jack are all runaway kids form their old school to a new runaway school. The school gets burned down after we get new students....One direction. The school has known this was going to happen so they all move to Great Wolf Loudge a freakin indoor waterpark as a new school. Better thing is they rented the whole place out so no one else beside the school is in there. One problem is...JJ likes Jimmy, Bobby likes Jarrett, and Jack likes James and Harry likes now Brit and Annarose are playing cupid with Michael and their other friend Monique or Mo Mo...Will it work out? Who knows


8. Thre dream

Brit P.O.V

I woke up slowly in a room. It was all blank and nothing beside a bed was in it. "Hello??" I asked aloud but heard no one answer. I got up and saw no doors but a window. I ran over to it and saw I was close enough to the ground so I could jump. I heard footsteps coming and saw the door was pained so it hid against the wall. I opened the door and got out and started running as someone entered the room. I stopped running after a while deep in the woods and made a left. I kept walking then a right, a left, and then another right. I saw a tree house and ran straight. I stopped when I was near the hotel and smiled- "Thank the lord!" I said and started to run to the doors.. Someone got my foot and knocked me out. I woke in the room again. "I groaned softly and tired opening the window but it was shut. "Did someone crazy glue this or something?" I asked myself and heard footsteps. I jumped back in the bed nd pretended to be asleep as someone walked in. "Time to get up Brittany..." I opened my eyes quickly. I knew that voice anywhere. It was Michale voice. I sat up and looked at him as he had an evil grin on his face. I got out of the bed and ran past him and down the hall as he stood in the hall way watching me. I loked back again an saw him gone. I ran outside and it was about midnight. I ran into the woods and saw a peice of paper. I picked it up and rolled my eyes "Oh he want's me to play Slender with him I get it now!" I thought to myself. I ran around and found the second no. I felt someone breath near me and I ran to my left kowing it was Michale. I hear foot steps behind me and ran faster. I found about another 3 more and smiled having 5 notes now. I need three more than I could go. I found 2 more and grinned. I saw the last one but I felt Michael grab me. I got out of his grip and got the last note. "Ha I win!!" I smiled saying happily and Michael faked a sigh but I didn't know that.

"I guess your right Brittany." He said walking towards me looking down.

I grinned "Yes I AM right!!" I said jumping up and down.

Michael looked up at me and grinned."But who ever said I was going to play fair??" I screamed and woke up form my nightmare. I saw I was in a room with nothing. "Was it relaly a dream of was it real"I thought to myself.

I saw Michael walk in with breakfast and strached my ehad confused. I saw him put it next to me as the wall flipped and there was a tv, laptop and everything. I ate my breakfast wondering why I am here. I heard Michael outside and sat back on the bed. I knew I had problems bt not a lot of problem...maybe I did I just didn't reliaze it. All I know it I'm here with Michael and the others are most likely mot even caring....

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