The new school we all go to

Brit and her friends Annarose, Michael, Jimmy, JJ, Bobby, Jarrett, James and Jack are all runaway kids form their old school to a new runaway school. The school gets burned down after we get new students....One direction. The school has known this was going to happen so they all move to Great Wolf Loudge a freakin indoor waterpark as a new school. Better thing is they rented the whole place out so no one else beside the school is in there. One problem is...JJ likes Jimmy, Bobby likes Jarrett, and Jack likes James and Harry likes now Brit and Annarose are playing cupid with Michael and their other friend Monique or Mo Mo...Will it work out? Who knows


4. The next morning....

Zayn P.O.V

I woke up and yawned-I saw myself under the covers and naked. "What the fuck happened last night!?!? I mean like...I didnt have sex with Liam!!...or did I"  I thought to muyself. I saw Liam next to me and thought to myself again "Yep I did that would explain why my fuckin ass hurts!!" I sat up and yelpped slightly. God my ass hurted like a BITCH!! I goaned in pain and I got off the bed and sat back down. I yelled in pain slightly. Liam woke up and yawned as he looked at me.

"What the fuck is worng with you??" He had asked me.

"We had damn sex and my ass hurts with your bigg thick hard dick Liam." I said back

I whined slightly still feeling pain in my ass still. I blushed as Liam kissed my cheek and left. He came back with pancakes and  bacon. "FOOOOOOOOD!!" I grinned and took my plate and started eating as Liam turned on a movie. I looked at him and tilted my head "What are we gonan do now for the day??" Liam just smiled "Nothing" he had answered. I grinned and leaned back. We watched movies for hours...HOURS I TELL YOU!!! We didnt mind that Brit and Anna possed in alot than left. I yawned softly and had my head o Liam shoulder watching Pitch Black

"I've heard this movie so scary it can't be rated." I had said.

Liam nodded and grinned at me. It was night time, the lights are out, we have popcorn and we're watching a really scary movie....great Im gonna piss my damn pants!!I watched it and laughed softly at the end as Liam was scared to death and I was fine. I held Liam as he shook so badly I almost started shaking because of him. He fianlly fell asleep and I almost did. I fianlly noticed Brit phone in the room. "FUCK BRIT GOT US ON CAMERA FROM LAST NIGHT AND TODAY THAT BITCH!!"  Brit walked in and got her phone and grinned at me. I was about to say something but she whispered "Sweet dreams Zayn sweet dreams." She left and I fianlly noticed....I fell asleep

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