The new school we all go to

Brit and her friends Annarose, Michael, Jimmy, JJ, Bobby, Jarrett, James and Jack are all runaway kids form their old school to a new runaway school. The school gets burned down after we get new students....One direction. The school has known this was going to happen so they all move to Great Wolf Loudge a freakin indoor waterpark as a new school. Better thing is they rented the whole place out so no one else beside the school is in there. One problem is...JJ likes Jimmy, Bobby likes Jarrett, and Jack likes James and Harry likes now Brit and Annarose are playing cupid with Michael and their other friend Monique or Mo Mo...Will it work out? Who knows


10. The games PART 1

Michael P.O.V

I was next to Brit in complete darkness and we were stuck in a cage. I held Brit and she held me for warmth. I yanwed and fell asleep slowly. Bad move! I woke up hearing Brit scream and I held her as god know what was pulling on her. I fell out of the cage with her and laded next to her and we both got up, got in our cage, and held the door shut as a figure in the dark left.Brit was shaking by now and I was putting the lock on the cage door we took of early to sneak out. I sat with Brit for a while till the lights came on.

"Ahhh our eyes!!" We both groaned. We rubbed our eyes and we saw my cousin James.

"JAMES?!?!?!" I had yelled.

"Nooo its not me its  aguy who took over my life and looks like me...yes it me you fuckin dumbass!!" He had saud with a small smirk.

Brit was now behind me shaking and I felll out of the cage and stood up quickly and saw a tazer. I ran as James chased me. I tripped and he got me. I was knocked out. I woke up later in the cage again and Brit was tied up upside down with a black eye. I saw James watching T.V. and Brit united her self and slowly made her way toards me and freed me. We both went bhind James and he held up a remote and we noticed shock collars on us and we both got zapped and were both knocked out. I woke up in a  room and saw a door and opened it slightly peeking through as Brit was put into another room and James left. I sat in the room with a T.V. and turned it on seeing James-I jumped.

"Lets play a game cousin." He said with an evil huge grin on his face

"W-W-What type of g-g-game."I asked scared as hell by now.

" have 60 seconds to find a key and free yourself and Brit" He grinned. I found the key to free mmy room before he said go but I couldn't find Brit room key till i reached in my pants pocket. I unlocked her door and pulled her out as both room blew up. We saw James in fornt of us grinning.

"Good job guys!!" He said with a smile.

"So we can go home right??" Brit asked nicely

"Uh no..."James face harder then an evil grin came back on his face. "You two may NOT leave!"

"Why??" I asked

"Because..." He evil grin grew wider.

"We are just only getting started"


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