The Water

"I gasped in horror at the blood shot eyes staring up at me. I couldn't move, I couldn't run i was transfixed."

Ella is a middle aged women living in a perfectly normal house with some spooky goings on. Words, hands, faces. She doesnt know what is hapening to her.


2. The Words

After finishing the bedroom I moved onto the living room. I despretly needed a new TV mine cracked and spluttered and then lost hope all together I sighed and took my self a guided tour of my own home. I started in the Kitchen, where I did unpacking, and put on my posh "guide" voice and peered in and out of all my drawers, cupbords, fridge even the oven!

I got bored with the kitchen after about 10 minutes so I moved on up staires to the bathroom, I hadn't been there yet, I opened the door but stopped in my tracks I felt the same eerie sense as I did outside, may be it was the bathroom.

Once again I put that thought at the back of my head and suddenly heard a "plip plip plip" sound. It got faster and faster untill it turned into a big gushing sound my heart was racing. I tentatively stepped forward up to the bath and the Hot Tap was turned pon full blast. I gasped at the sight and turned it of. I reached ny hand into the murky depths of the unclean bath and pulled out the plug, I felt a slight touching on my arm and quickly prised my hand from out of the water no sooner had I done this that words apeared-

"You need to watch for the water!"

I gasped and stepped back from the bath. May be this house isn't my perfect house.

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