The Water

"I gasped in horror at the blood shot eyes staring up at me. I couldn't move, I couldn't run i was transfixed."

Ella is a middle aged women living in a perfectly normal house with some spooky goings on. Words, hands, faces. She doesnt know what is hapening to her.


4. Police

Shakilly, I phoned the poilice station but I had no answer I couldn't stay in this haunted house no longer so I ran into my car and off I sped down to the poice station.

I reached the station but something wasn't right everyone was there but something wasn't quite right. The station was bustling but I was being ignored I walked up to a near by officer and waved in his face he stopped but then just walked on.

I ran this time to an officer behind a screen I banged on the glass and shouted but I got nothing. What was going on.

I turned and the whole station was spinning but I seemed to be the only one who was feeling it. The words came back again

"I am The water, no one else can hear me or see me only the dead."

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