The Water

"I gasped in horror at the blood shot eyes staring up at me. I couldn't move, I couldn't run i was transfixed."

Ella is a middle aged women living in a perfectly normal house with some spooky goings on. Words, hands, faces. She doesnt know what is hapening to her.


5. Flash Back

I was in the bath, but something was strange the water had turned cold and I couldnt move I was stuck under the water. The More I moved, the more I was held down. I couldn't see anything, I couldn't breathe. But some how, some how I got out of this spell.

I was scared, petrified so I went to see my Dad, mum had died when I was an early teen so I was left with my dad I love him dearly, I couldn't go on if I didn't have him. Once again I jumped into my fiat and then drove off down the road to see my dad.

He was in, that was good news but there was a police car there, it must have been there for number 47 they're always in trouble.

Dad was sat at the table crying and the police man was talking to him.

"Dad, Dad its okay i'm here now what has happenend?" I asked him. But he ignored me just like they did at the police station. Then the room was spinning but this timme it was me.

I couldn't stop talking, "I AM THE WATER NO ONE ELSE CAN HEAR OR SEE ME ONLY THE DEAD." Then I heard the police man talking.

"I am sorry, we should have warned you, people who live at 13 Caverton road don't come out. Something to do with a water person."


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