Not how things planned out (apart of me was missing part 2) - (finished)

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  • Published: 13 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 23 Dec 2012
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this is the sequel to apart of me was missing, so if you haven't read it go read it before you read this if you want the story to make sense, unless you want to view this first, it that's case continue, Will Jay tell Laura who she really is? Will their be secret revealed? Will their be new life involved? well read on to find out :) thanks to everyone who read the first movella I hope you like this as much as you liked the other one :)


63. trip, maybe

Chantelle's point of view

woooow, Louis is laura's real brother, and the girls are her sisters, awww im so happy for her, she finally found her real mum, dad and siblings, just the Darcy interupted my thoughts with crying, so I went to her cot and gently picked her up, I rocked her slowly until she calmed down, I saw Laura standing, looking around, so I went over to her, "I cant believe Louis your brother and the girls are your sisters and Jay is you mum, woow" I said, "I know I cant believe it, when Jay, uh I mean my mum came and told me, i couldn't beleive it either, but when the DNA test came back and the results said that she was my mum then I was shocked but happy at the same time, Im glad I have a nice family" she said "i bet you are"

 I looked around and thought, "guys does any of you want to go to Harry's house and take Darcy with us, thats if you dont mind them coming or if your mum doesn't mind Harry" I said, "she always said that the guys and everyone I know are family and she loves people visiting and shes not seen Darcy, so yea" Harry exclamied "so is everyone coming or not" he continued " yeaaahhh" everyone yelled, "lets do this poo" Niall said, everyone laughed, without any hesitation everyone went and  go ready.

after an hour and a half everyone was downstairs and ready "is everyone ready" I yelled "yeah" everyone said, so we got in the mini bus that Louis bought the other day and put in the back garden so it's not on the road, so we all got in and wthin no time we was on the road on the way to Harry's house in Holmes Chapel, 15 minutes into the ride Louis spoke "guys is it me or is the car behind us following, all of us looked behind even Lux, Lux, Tom, Lou, Jay and Paul all came for the ride, "your right mate he's following, and I know why" Harry said sighing, "who" Louis asked "the paps" he tutted, we all sighed, "you lot never get a break do you" I asked "no" eveyone replied, "there probably after seeing Darcy" Zayn spoke up, "probably" I said

about an hour later we arrived, with the paps still behind us, "right guys, come on" I said, so we got out one by one, of course the paps came out, "came we have a pic of you 3" one of them asked, "just one" Harry sighed, "if its ok with you" he asked me "of course" I said, "so we posed and within no time after getting a few snaps and some of the others, the paps went, "there the decentest paps ive seen" Harry said, we all laughed, and  so we all went to the dorr, we all stepped back as Harry opened the door

not long now, I think theres another 2 or 2 chapters and then thats the end, sad to finish the movella but I dont know what else to write  haha, so yea, thank you to all that have read this, thank you :)

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