Not how things planned out (apart of me was missing part 2) - (finished)

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  • Published: 13 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 23 Dec 2012
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this is the sequel to apart of me was missing, so if you haven't read it go read it before you read this if you want the story to make sense, unless you want to view this first, it that's case continue, Will Jay tell Laura who she really is? Will their be secret revealed? Will their be new life involved? well read on to find out :) thanks to everyone who read the first movella I hope you like this as much as you liked the other one :)


61. the result

Laura's point of view

"right so as I was saying, the results are in, and you are" Jay started to say, she paused, just like they do on the x factor when announcing the winner, my heart was racing a million miles an hour, "come on" I said laughing, "im sorry but......" she paused again, my heart sank, I knew what was coming, I wish she was though, "im sorry but........ you have to cope with me being your mother" she said starting to raise her voice in excitement, "yeeeeeeeeeeey" I said, I ran upto her and hugged her.

"so Laura" she started but I cut her off, "please, call me Jodie, if you want to anyway and if you dont mind" I said smiling, she smiled, tears filled her eyes, then joined by mine, "Jodie, do you like the idea of me being your mum" she said smiling "of course" I said with glee, "when should we tell the others" I asked, "what about tomorrow, we have to get over the shock first" Jay replied, "yea good idea" we hugged again "mum im hungry" Louis moaned, "ill do something now" Jay replied, "typical Louis" she tutted, I laughed, "welcome to the family" she said before she left, "thank you" I said smiling, and with that she left, I had finally found my real parents and siblings, now the trouble is keeping it a secret until tomorrow.

"Laura, everyone's waiting for you, were going to have a movie night" Zayn said peering through the door, I turned to him with a smile "I thought you were in your hometown" I asked confused "I know, Louis asked us if we wanted to watch a movie, he phoned us all, Perrie, Elenour and Charlotte's here to" he said "oh right" I replied laughing, " now come on are we just going to sit here talking or watch a movie" she said impatiently but laughing, "ok im coming" I said excitedly and laughing, "alright come on then" Zayn said with pure excitement in his voice, he came over to me and grabbed my arm and pulled me down the stairs.

when we got down the stairs Zayn was so excited he ran and then let go suddenly and I ended up nearly head butting Niall "why hello Laura" Niall grinned "sorry Nialler, im so sorry" I said apologetically "haha, no problem, was funny, all you saw was Zayn running down the stairs with you behind trying to keep up with him and them bam, you ended up near me" he said laughing "glad you find it funny" I said holding in a laugh,  but then ended up bursting into laughter anyway.

"well tea is ready and the film is picked, now put it in Louis and start it" Jay said excitedly, "yeaaa" we all said in unison, Lux and Darcy was upstairs asleep, we had a baby monitor so we knew if Darcy or Lux was crying, so the film started, it was grease, so we all sat and watched it, Darcy cried a few times but other than that they were fine, once the film ended, Niall, Zayn, Paul and Harry were alseep, we all looked at them, put blankets over them and we all went to bed ourselves, we ended up sharing the same rooms as we always do when the others sleep. Zayn, Niall and Harry, but it was empty so Lou and Tom shared that with Lux and, Liam and Louis, with Chantelle staying with me, with Darcy in the same room, and we all fell asleep.


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