Not how things planned out (apart of me was missing part 2) - (finished)

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  • Published: 13 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 23 Dec 2012
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this is the sequel to apart of me was missing, so if you haven't read it go read it before you read this if you want the story to make sense, unless you want to view this first, it that's case continue, Will Jay tell Laura who she really is? Will their be secret revealed? Will their be new life involved? well read on to find out :) thanks to everyone who read the first movella I hope you like this as much as you liked the other one :)


58. Laura's reaction

Laura's point of view

oh my word, was my ear blocked or something, did Jay just say what i think she just said, my mouth dropped, I couldn't speak for ages, "hello please say something" Jay spoke up after about 3 minutes, "r, r really,are you sure" was all I managed to say, "Im not sure, but we think" she said, "what makes you think that, not that I mind, I love you, Louis and the girls already, but woow if you really are my mum, that's great" I said, perking up a bit, "well" she started,

"remember the day before you, you know" "got kidnapped" I said, I knew she didn't want to say it, i wasn't bothered "yea that, I asked you, did you want me to do your washing, and at first you said no but after a while you agreed..... well I was going in that bag that you said it was in and I saw the 'J' necklace, I looked at it coz it looked nice, and when i saw it, I thought it looked familiar, I then remembered the baby I had, which had been stolen, i got the only picture I had of her and I saw that the baby in  the picture had the exact same features as the one that you have, when the baby was born, Louis' dad got it, the baby was called Jodie, thats what the J stood for, to make it unique, he carve 'Love' on the back, I turned yours over and it was the same one, you also look a lot like Louis, but I dont know" wooow,  "what now then" I asked 

"either, we can continue the way we were and still be a family no matter what, coz we always will no matter, or we can get a DNA test, but it's upto you, I will be there for you no matter what" she said with a smile, i smiled back and said "well if its ok with you, could a.....test...please, I just want to find out, then if it is you, then at least I know  , I have someone whos great and siblings that are nice, do they know" I asked, "yea they do i think, but its my fault they havent told you, I wanted to tell you" she said "I understand dont worry" I laughed, "can I hug you" she asked, i thought it was silly how she asked, "yes of course, you no need to ask" I giggled, she came over and we hugged

after a few minutes we parted and tears were streaming down both our eyes, we wiped them and i said "when are we going to do the DNA test" I asked, "well, im ahead of you there, i knew this day would come, I sent away for one so now, that's if you want" I smiled and said "yes, if you  want" so we began to do the stuff the instructions said and in 15 minutes we had done everything, jay wrote the adress it had to go to and posted it when she came back I was with the others doing karaoke 'you changed your mind, like a girl changes clothes' Nialler say, "gooo Nialler" Jay shouted laughing, we all joined in laughing, he was drunk haha, Jay came over and whispered in my ear "posted it, we'll get them in 5 days" she smiled, I smiled back, Zayn and Chantelle looked at me weird

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