Not how things planned out (apart of me was missing part 2) - (finished)

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  • Published: 13 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 23 Dec 2012
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this is the sequel to apart of me was missing, so if you haven't read it go read it before you read this if you want the story to make sense, unless you want to view this first, it that's case continue, Will Jay tell Laura who she really is? Will their be secret revealed? Will their be new life involved? well read on to find out :) thanks to everyone who read the first movella I hope you like this as much as you liked the other one :)


21. landing and in the taxi


Fizzy's point of view 

"whats wrong Lou mate" I woke to the sound Liam saying that, is Louis going to tell him, I looked at Lottie and she looked at me "is he going to tell him" she whispered "I dont know we'll have to wait" I replied, "nothing really just worried about Laura, her parents seem to be dangerous because remember that note we found, she said 'you don't know what they've done' or something like that, it's got me worried" Louis replied, good save, Lottie and I sighed of relief, "yea good point, don't worry they wont do anything to her" Liam said.

"excuse me young man, are you one of the guys out of that boy band, what's it called.... ummm.....  One Dimention is it" a oldish woman behind us asked Louis, "One Direction you mean" Louis replied while trying to hold the giggle inside, "yes that's it" the woman laughed, "yes we are, why what can we do for you madam" Louis said with his typical goofy self, "woooo hello there, well my grand daughter has a huge crush on you boys, shes 16, could you maybe get the other boys and yourself and sign a piece of paper for her, I would be most grateful and it will make my daughters year" She asked very politely "I dont want to bother you, if you dont want to ill totally understand" she continued, "no we don't mind at all, anything for our fans" Liam replied "aww you boys are so nice, i'm glad my grand daughter is into you guys and not some band that are total idiot"  she said with a warm smile "awww thank you, tell your granddaughter thank you for liking us to" Louis added, "we'll just get the others up now" Liam said so Liam nudged Niall and Harry and  Louis nudged Zayn, they woke up, "whats up guys are we landing" Niall said moaning, "no,  a very nice woman wants us to sign a piece of paper for her 16 year old grand daughter" Louis replied "oh right, I apologise sincerely" Niall said to the woman "no problem young man, I'm like that id someone wakes me up" the woman said while chuckling

so we all signed the piece of paper the woman handed us and passed it back "thank you so much" the woman said "no problem" we said, Niall, Harry and Zayn went back to sleep, after half an hour of talking to Liam, Lottie and Louis we all fell asleep, it must have been 4 hours after, I woke up, Niall and Zayn we already up, they waved at me, I waved back and giggled,"have a nice sleep?" Niall asked "yes thanks, did you" I replied "yes thanks" "what about you Zayn" asked "yes I did thank you" Zayn replied giving me a warm smile, awww them boys are so sweet, 'there is only half an hour left till landing, everyone put your seat belts on' the air hostess said as the belt sign came on, I nudged Lottie and Paul, while Niall nudged Liam and Harry and  Zayn nudged Louis again, they woke up, "put your seat belts on, the signs on" Liam said pointing at the sign, typical daddy direction always being safe, awww bless him haha.

so we all did as we were told and just sat talking, 'we will be landing in 5 minutes' the announcer said, so we started going down, 'woooooooow' was all you heard everyone screaming as we went down in the aeroplane, after 5 minutes we landed safely on the ground, we went to  get our luggage, because no - one knew we were coming here there was no - one at the airport waiting for us surprisingly  One Direction's fans are like the FBI definetley, so we walked out and went to the mini bus with a sign saying '1D taxi" we knew it was for us, so we got in and settled down "were to" the driver asked in his Canadian accent, " the zante hotel (I hope that's an actual hotel there and a nice one to, I typed in Canadian hotels and this was the first one that came up so yea, forgive me if it's not right :) ) so we was on the way to the hotel and suddenly we heard a *ring ring*  everyone checked their phones, it was Liam's he answered it "hello" he said, he gasped  ..........


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