Not how things planned out (apart of me was missing part 2) - (finished)

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  • Published: 13 Oct 2012
  • Updated: 23 Dec 2012
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this is the sequel to apart of me was missing, so if you haven't read it go read it before you read this if you want the story to make sense, unless you want to view this first, it that's case continue, Will Jay tell Laura who she really is? Will their be secret revealed? Will their be new life involved? well read on to find out :) thanks to everyone who read the first movella I hope you like this as much as you liked the other one :)


27. back at Jay's house

Jay's point of view

(this was at the same time, when the twitcam had ended)

oh I hope they find Laura before something happens to her, I wonder what Julie and Jamie wants with her though, they said they didn't love her, so they must not want to make it up, what do they want, I hope there not going to hurt her, or do anything illegal,  "Jay can I use your phone please, I need to phone Harry I have a doctors appointment, it's my first scan tomorrow" Chantelle pleaded "no need to ask, you can just use it" I said with a smile. "thank you so much" she said softly, and went for the phone.

she then grabbed the phone and dialled his number, "hello babe.... yea.... im fine thanks....... yea, I just wanted to let you know that it's the first scan today ill send you a pic of it when it's done.... yea..... awwwwww..... ok....... yea...... I love you so much" she said, she then handed me the phone "Harry wants to talk to you" she said while shrugging. so I took the phone "hello Harry" I said "hello Mrs Tomlinson, could I ask you a really big favor" I wondered what he was going to say "Harry please can you stop calling me Mrs Tomlinson, it's Jay to you all, your all family, and I love you all, and to depends what it is" I said while giggling, I heard a giggle from him to "well, could you uhhh....... possibly uhhh...... go with Chantelle to the uhhh........ doctors please" Harry stuttered, I smiled, awwww, he asked me "awww of course, if she wants me to that is" I said "i'll ask her now, can you please put her on" Harry said softly in his husky voice, I passed Chantelle the phone back.

she took it from me, "thank you" she mimed, then spoke to Harry "hello..... yea...... awwwwww of course I would....... does she know though........ awwwww........ woooooo" I heard her say, awww she really does want me to go with her, I cant believe it "ok.... awww..... take care...... hope you find her..... good luck....... I love you so much to.... miss you..... bye" and with that she put the phone down, she looked directly at me and smiled, I smiled back and nodded, "Chantelle come here" I heard daisy call "thank you" Chantelle muttered to me and with that she went upstairs.

sorry this is a bit late, college has started again :(, and I have so much work sorry, I will keep updating every day but i maybe late some days it could be earlier, it could be normal time, but I promise I will update everyday :) but at least I've done one, thanks for reading, thank you so much :) and by the way, if anyone doesn't like the time  I update please tell me and I'll try and do it at that time :) thank you readers :)

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