this story is about a person named Shane who never does anything right, he always messes up everything so people hate . one day a evil person named Cyclops who was a normal person, but he was humiliated so much that he tried to suicide ,but a person from the darkest depth of abbyis of evil came to him and gave him evil powers so from that day on he use his evil power to harm people. one day he cast a spell on a dead people .The dead people raised up from there grave an started to eat people not only Cyclops put a spell on the dead people but also on animal . The animal and the humans started to eat other people.there was only one man capable of killing Cyclops ,Shane.Shane had a only one friend her name was Tori , she believed in Shane , she knew he wasn't that bad. when the dead people started to eat people, Shane and tori started to research about all this and they found out that Cyclops had done this ,so they go to cyclops and they fight with and they throw into the abbyis of evil.



As the beeping of the alarm and the shouting of my mum rushed into my ear ,it was 8:40 am i jumped out off bed and got ready as quickly as i could then i sprinted downstairs and had my breakfast and ran for the bus.I ran and ran and ran but i missed the bus so i decided to walk to school .By the time i got to school is was 9:30 i was very late, missed my registration and assembly.As i walked in to the class room i could hear the booing , cussing at that time my heart melted with disappointment ,every one hates me because the think i never do anything right but it's not my fault they never explain the work properly .there is only one person in the whole world that does not hate me, my best friend tori. i met tori in the first year of collage ,she has been like a sister to me .far distance in the abbyis of evil a great evil is born his name is Cyclops .He is determined to rule earth he has try so many ways to conquer earth but he failed. when ran out of ideas , he decided watch a movie. The movie was about zombies . Cyclops got a fabulous idea ,turning dead people in to mutant zombies.


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