Meet the Winchesters

This is for all you Supernatural fans out there! It is every supernatural fangirl's dream to meet the hunky Winchester brothers-follow the story of these two hunters with a special twist! They meet a new huntress with a questionable past and discover the emotional side of the holy-water throwing, Latin-chanting brothers. It's an emotional treat for every fangirl! hope y'all enjoy it!
P.S. Please do comment and let me know what to change/what to keep up. I'd really appreciate it :)


5. The Little Murdur-maid 5

"NO way!" Dean exclaimed, "Metallica trumps ACDC any day!"

"Oh come on! Don't be such a  baby! Just admit I'm right," Diana said, gulping her beer.

Dean shook his head and grinned.

"What?" Diana gave him a questioning glance.

"Nothing," he smiled, looking down at the ground, " know you haven't changed one bit since...well since I last saw you."

Diana smiled, standing up with an effort, to put away the bottle on the coffee table, "Well that's a relief then I guess-a LOT has changed since that night."

She noticed him looking uncomfortable and she wished she hadn't brought it up,

"I-I'm sorry-I didn't mean to bring it all up, it just-"

"No-I did you wrong, I admit it now."

"We were just kids then Dean-you were just a confused little boy."

"Hey!" he said, "I wasn't that little."

Diana turned around and bent over the laptop to hide her flushed cheeks and thus her embarrassment. She pretended to ponder over the article Sam had left open when something suddenly caught her eye.

"Hey Dea-"

She turned around to find him standing an inch away, his face looking solemn, his eyes looking deeply into hers. He brought his hands to Diana's hips, moving them under her shirt. Diana's heart began to throb inside her chest-her mind was a confused blur.

"Dean, this is not-"

"Ssshhh," he said slowly, moving his lips towards hers, "I want to make up for that night when I betrayed you."

Diana let herself go, her body supported upright only by his strong arms.He drew in close-she could smell his aftershave. She felt like she was in some sort of a dream, she felt loved once again and though her mind kept nagging her to end it all there and then, she could not stop. She wanted him.

Soon, their lips were passionately locked-Diana felt a wildness to herself she had long forgotten. She fervently rubbed his neck, his hair-his firm hands unhooking her bra, pulling down her corduroys with a  pleasing confidence.

Diana grunted, as Dean picked her up and placed her on the bed, mounting her, caressing her bare thighs. She pulled off his shirt with a surprising quickness. Their bodies, united in pleasure, throbbed and grunted, each finding a face of affection after a long time.


Sam felt the siren push her lips, secrete her venom. He fought with all his might to keep his senses alive-and with a sudden burst of energy, he plunged the dagger in the siren's waist.

Snarling and hissing, she backed off, swimming away like a fast-moving blur.

Sam swam up, the cool air hitting his face like a refreshing breath. Panting, he made his way back to the shore.

Diana's eyes popped wide open. She felt Dean's lips on her neck, she realised her clothes were gone.

"What the hell are you doing?" Diana yelled, pushing him off. Her heart beat wildly as she slithered off the bed.

She could not believe what they had been doing-how could she after everything?

She held the sheets close around her, glaring angrily at the confused Dean.

"Come back Diana, I won't hurt you this time-I promise," he said, standing up. He moved across the room towards her.

"Dean stay back!" Diana backed up, "Stay the hell away from me!"

Her eyes scanned the room for a weapon-she saw a Swiss knife on the side table.

Their eyes met and Dean understood her intentions. Diana lunged for it when he grabbed her and tackled her to the ground. She yelped as the wound on her leg began throbbing,

"Get off me!" she screamed, "Please! Why are you doing this?"

"I won't hurt you," he repeated, holding her down. 

Diana stared at him in horror as he lowered down upon her, and for the first time in years-she again felt violated, she felt hurt and a tear rolled down her cheek.

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