Meet the Winchesters

This is for all you Supernatural fans out there! It is every supernatural fangirl's dream to meet the hunky Winchester brothers-follow the story of these two hunters with a special twist! They meet a new huntress with a questionable past and discover the emotional side of the holy-water throwing, Latin-chanting brothers. It's an emotional treat for every fangirl! hope y'all enjoy it!
P.S. Please do comment and let me know what to change/what to keep up. I'd really appreciate it :)


4. The Little Murdur-maid 4

Dean pulled the unconscious huntress out of the lake and lay her on the shore, panting heavily.

"Dean! Look out!" Sam suddenly shouted, as he pulled up the drowning girl onto the shore, gesturing towards the monster hurtling towards the shore.

"Holy shit!" he exclaimed, and picking up Diana in his arms, he ran with Sam towards the car, leaving the snarling beast barricaded by the edge of the lake.


"What the hell was that?" Dean yelled, running towards the car.

He lay Diana on the street and holding her mouth open, gave her mouth-to-mouth. 

"Come on Diana! Come on!" he yelled, pumping her chest with his hands, "Come on!"

"I-Is she dead?" the girl stammered, staring at Diana's bloodied leg, "Oh my God! Is she dead? That could have been me!"

"Hey hey!" Sam pulled her away, "Look, look at me...what's your name?"

"What's your name?!" he yelled again, shaking her slightly.

"A-Anna," she replied, her eyes wide with horror.

"Alright Anna," Sam said calmly, "I need you to-hey! hey! look at me!- I need you to run to the nearest gas station and call 911."

Sam pushed the horror-stricken girl in the opposite direction, making sure she was out of earshot.

"Sam! Sam!" Dean called out,"She isn't responding! What the hell do I do?"

"Her leg..." Sam stared at her wounded knee, " that a bite?"

"Since when do these things bite man?" Dean panted, pressing her chest.

He once again breathed into her mouth.

And she finally coughed.

Diana sputtered out water, turning over. Dean breathed a sigh of relief, leaning against the car.

"Why the hell did you jump in?" he said, "You crazy?"

Diana coughed, "Bite me." 

Sam helped her up.

"Ouch!" she groaned, looking at her wounded leg wincing as the pain settled in.

"Looks like something beat me to it," Dean answered cockily, standing up.

Diana shot him a glare.

"Don't start now," Sam warned.



"What was that...thing back there?" Dean asked as he bandaged Diana's leg.

"A mermaid," Diana answered spontaneously-realising how stupid it sounded.

She knew what came next- Dean Winchester's mocking laughter.

"Shut up alright, I know what I saw!"

"I-I'm sorry," he gasped for air, cleaning her wound, "But a mermaid? You got some brain damage there."

Diana would have kicked him if her leg hadn't been paining that terribly. So she just rolled her eyes.

"She's right Dean," Sam said from his perch on the coffee table with the laptop.

Diana smirked, "Ha!"

"Wait what?" she suddenly realised the gravity of the situation.

"You mean Ariel gone rogue?" Dean said. Diana blinked at him.

"What? I saw it once-I was bored," he clarified.

Dean walked over to the table, "Aren't sirens supposed to be disguised as hot nurses and strippers?"

Diana rolled her eyes.

"Actually no," Sam read off the article, "Mermaids are primarily sirens-in all legends, Chinese, European, sirens mostly take the form of mermaids luring pirates of yore into the sea, scavenging on their gold-technically they can take any form as long as they can find suitable mates."

"So why the girl?" Diana questioned, "Unless that siren has a confused sexuality that is."

Dean promptly answered, "It doesn't say here."

"Well I'll go ask around and see if anybody saw anything else," Sam nodded and made towards the door, "You two-please keep each other alive until I get back."

"I'll try," Diana answered, rolling her eyes at Dean.

He closed the door behind him.

Dean picked up the first-aid kit from the bed and sat down at Diana's feet.

"How's the leg?"

"It's fine-as good as it can be after being chewed up by a bloodthirsty siren."

Dean grinned, "So how about a beer?"


Sam eased down to the lake edge and stood there, looking out in the silent waters. 

"You wanna mate bitch?" he called out, holding his dagger at the ready. No answer.

Not a leaf stirred. 

Sam's muscles tensed up, his eyes scoured the area for any movement. 

Suddenly a hand grabbed his leg and pulled his six-foot frame into the water.

Sam grunted as he hit the cold water, holding the bloodied dagger close. 

He opened his eyes under the water, only to meet a pair of red glowing eyes angrily staring at him. The siren held his arms behind him, digging her nails into his wrist. Sam shouted in pain, his voice dissolved into the bubbles. He tried to fight her but his efforts were in vain-the icy water rendered him useless against the siren.

He felt her lips upon his-one touch and he would become a helpless victim. The siren inched in and Sam gave up the struggle. She brought her lips upon his...and she kissed him.

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