Meet the Winchesters

This is for all you Supernatural fans out there! It is every supernatural fangirl's dream to meet the hunky Winchester brothers-follow the story of these two hunters with a special twist! They meet a new huntress with a questionable past and discover the emotional side of the holy-water throwing, Latin-chanting brothers. It's an emotional treat for every fangirl! hope y'all enjoy it!
P.S. Please do comment and let me know what to change/what to keep up. I'd really appreciate it :)


3. The Little Murdur-maid 3

"I see the Impala is still in the family," Diana commented as they walked back up to the road and the black Chevy came into view, glinting under the streetlight.

"Part of the family," Dean corrected, proudly gazing at his treasured vehicle, "I'd never let go of this baby!"

"So what brings you to this part of Barrington?" Sam asked.

Diana knew his question was a euphemism for how she got into this heinous profession. She chose to ignore the underlying meaning.

"Just hitchhiking from town to town," she replied coolly, putting her revolver back into her jacket.

"Not much different from your daddy huh?" Dean said, leaning against the car bonnet, "I thought you went to med school?"

Diana clenched her fists-the question. Not a day passed that she didn't think about the day she first picked up a revolver and put a bullet in a beating heart. Not a day she didn't regret it. An uncomfortable silence hung over the night air.

Sam sensing it, began awkwardly, "I'll... get some beers." 

"We all have our skeletons Dean, let's just leave it at that," Diana spoke after what seemed an eternity of awkward quiet. She began studying her fingers-and then snapped up.

"Anyway, I'm sorry you boys had to stop over here but it's taken care of. Whatever's in that lake, I can handle it."

"Yeah it was SO obvious when I tackled you down," Dean commented, taking a bottle from Sam.

"Well I'm sure whatever's down there doesn't have 200 pounds of flab- "

"Hey! You questioning my fitness? I'll take you down right here!"

"Oh yeah?" Diana challenged, inching forward, "Bring it on wetpants!"

"I cannot believe you're bringing that up! I did NOT wet my pants, I merely dropped a bottle-" Dean yelled when Sam pulled the two apart.

"It's like the summer of '96 all over again," he narrowed his eyes, "You two so badly need to grow up!"

"Shut up Sam!" Dean and Diana said in unison leaving him flustered.

"Dean you're-" Diana restarted the argument when a loud scream erupted from within the ominous forest.

The noble hunter spirit overcame the childish fighters and they ran through the trees towards the lake.

"There!" Diana pointed.

A screaming girl in the middle of the lake, flailing her arms, signaled to the three for help.

""Help me!" her shrill voice echoed in the valley, "It's got my leg! Help! Please!"

Without wasting a second, Diana ran across the shore and jumped into the lake. The cold water stung like knives jabbing her ribs and she willed her mind to block out the cold and fight the water.

She could not hear Dean and Sam screaming at her to come back, to not jump in. 

Diana came back up for air-she was near the screaming girl.

"My leg!" she yelled.

Diana took a big gulp of air and jumped underwater into the murky blackness...and she refused to believe her eyes at the view afoot.

But just as instantly, Diana became hypnotized-she just floated there, her body surrendering to the thrust of the water. The screams had been drowned out into another world-Diana felt at peace.

She stared at the serene and calm figure floating in front of her, forgetting to breath, not fighting as the water filled her lungs.

The image of a...mermaid materialized in front of her, the blue-green scales on her tail glimmering in the faint moonlight penetrating the depths of the lake. Diana reached out to touch that heavenly figure-when a  pair of bloodshot eyes turned around and hissed at her. Breaking out of her trance, Diana's eyes popped wide open. She suddenly could feel the pressure of the water, the suffocation. She wanted to scream, her lungs burning for want of air. 

The mermaid however now had Diana in her grasp, plunging her into a  terrible death. Diana felt her eyes droop, her systems switching off. 

The last thing she remembered was the mermaid snarling at her and a voice calling out her name. And then all went black.



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