A Christmas story :)


5. 5.


2 miles. That’s how far it was to Lola’s house. And that was were Annie was heading. Lola was her best friend! They hung out all the time and Annie was sure Lola would help her. Normally she would get a lift to Lola’s but there wasn’t any chance of that. She would probably have to walk. It was going to be a long day! Lola lived in the next village, Diburn and Annie was the only person who ever visited…

As Annie walked down her road she tried to forget about everything that was going on. She tried to imagine it was just a normal day and her car had broken down so she had to walk to her friend’s house. This was hard for Annie because everywhere she looked she saw children in the snow, couples sitting by the fire and families playing together. 

After about 40 minutes Annie checked her phone. She was nearly there. She recognised the little church on the corner from the plenty of times she’d driven past. She was so close to Lola’s house now, she could see her road! Lola lived at number 97 which was at the very end of the road.  Annie started to jog down the road her backpack thumping up and down as she ran. She really needed Lola’s help to solve the mystery… if it was a mystery. Annie rang her house number just to make sure her family hadn’t just gone out, there was no answer. She tried it again twice but still no answer. As she put down the phone the second time she stood outside Lola’s house. Number 97 Dewdrop Lane. Annie walked up the path slowly so she didn’t slip on the snow. When she got to the door she reached up and pressed the bell. When Lola opened the door she look very surprised.”Er hi Annie. What are you doing here?” asked Lola.

“It’s, er kind of a long story” replied Annie awkwardly.

“You better come in, then eh.” Lola said as she beckoned Annie in.

Annie took off her boots and put them in the corner along with her coat, she kept her backpack on though. Lola took Annie up to her bedroom with had presents everywhere! Lola moved some of them off the bed so they could sit down.

“Come on, what’s up Ann?” Lola questioned

“We are going to be here a long time…” explained Annie

“Just tell me!” cried Lola giving Annie a friendly punch

So with that Annie told her friend everything, showing her the note as she went along. Lola shook her head, she couldn’t believe it.  Annie got out the note again, giving it to Lola. They both looked over it again and again trying to look for a code or another clue of some sort but they had no such luck!!! It was just the one word- Goodbye. All of a sudden Annie remembered something she had forgotten to tell Lola. The size ten foot prints! For some reason she kept forgetting about them. “That is strange!” exclaimed Lola. She got up of the bed and paced her bedroom. “We have three clues to work on, the open window, the note and the footprints. They must lead somewhere!” Lola said as she looked at Annie. Annie looked really worried. “Oh come on Ann, you’ll be fine! Together we’ll solve this mystery.” Annie didn’t look convinced. Lola grabbed her trusty converse, a hoodie, her coat and some money. She grabbed a hand bag and put in a hat, scarf and gloves, some water and a packet of crisps. Annie went downstairs and got her stuff… they were ready to go. “Mum, I’m going out for a bit” shouted Lola and before her mum could even reply they were both out the door and running down the road. They were out of breath by the time they reached the church on the corner.

Another 30 minutes later and they were back at Annie’s house, very cold and wet. It had started to snow again on the way. When they opened the gate again they found that the footprints had been covered up by the fresh layer of snow! This was not good; they had lost a piece of evidence. Annie got out her keys and opened the front door. On the floor behind the welcome mat was a letter in a brown envelope. Annie picked it up and as she did she got a bad feeling so she stuffed it in the bin. She thought Lola hadn’t noticed but she had. Annie walked through into the living room to have another look around, while she did Lola picked up the envelope and quickly put it in her bag. Lola followed Annie around the house until they got to the bedroom. “Hey Annie, can I use the bathroom?” enquired Lola.

“Of course! You know where it is don’t you?” Annie said

Lola quickly hurried down the hall to the bathroom; this would be her chance to open the letter! Once in the bathroom she carefully opened the envelope. Inside was a scrap piece of paper. It said:


“Xmov gm gsv lzik zg 08 lo (lrwnrtsg)”

It was gibberish. Lola had no idea what it said… she did know one thing though… it was a code! She would have to show this to Annie, she was good with things like that! But that would mean telling her she took the message in the first place… She’d be in big trouble when Annie found out but it was worth it! 

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