A Christmas story :)


4. 4.


Hours past. Everyone was happy. Everyone except Annie. She had cried until she had no tears left! She had heard about weird stuff like this on TV and she always felt sorry for those people... she never expected it’d happen to her, but it was happening and she'd have to get on with it! But they can't have disappeared. Can they? Stuff like that only happened in movies. . . She remembered something then. The footprints, the size ten shoes?! Whose were they? That must lead somewhere. . .


Annie wasn't normally a girl that just hung around and didn't anything! So why should she just sit here now when her family needed her?! She ran up to her bedroom and got her backpack from school. She threw all her school books into a pile then grabbed and extra hoodie. Running around franticly Annie gathered together all the things she thought she'd need. She got a rope, some plasters and bandages, her purse with all her money in (which came to about £87) ,some thick gloves, some scissors and most importantly one of her inventions- a very special invention! It had lots of uses that she was sure would help her! She felt as if she leaving home. She grabbed some clothes from her wardrobe in case she was out for a night or two. She started out the room and then ran back in. She grabbed her small teddy and then ran to her brother’s room. If he had been taken somewhere he would be missing his favourite blanket. She took her sister’s favourite doll and then took the stocking with the note in. That would be important!

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