A Christmas story :)


3. 3.



Banging and sobbing what was going on…Annie shook her head. She was lying in the snow in her front garden leaning against the wall. She was so cold she couldn’t feel her limbs! How long had she been here? She pulled out her phone it said 10:33.She hadn’t been there long. She must have fallen into a deep sleep. But what was the banging and sobbing from her dream? Suddenly a shadow appeared above her. She looked up it was the old lady from next door- Mrs Fillpotts

'Oh dearie what are u doing out here on Christmas day? Me and Mrs Fillpotts saw u out here'

She was so confused had she fainted?

Why was she sleeping outside?

Everything seemed to be happening so fast

'Oh Mrs Fillpotts' sighed Annie

'Where’s your mother' 'does she know you’re out here' Mrs Fillpotts said. Annie nodded her head. She didn’t want to worry the old lady. Annie GOT UP AND walked Mrs Fillpotts home again. Why hadn’t she thought of it earlier! Annie had a brainwave! She wasn’t living in the 12th century! She pulled her mobile out of her pocket and rang her mum’s number. It rang twice then cut out! That wasn’t at all like her mum. She always had her phone on in case she got a business call.

She rang her Dad but it didn’t even ring it just cut straight away! There was no one left to ring

Her brother and sister were only young they didn’t have mobiles! She ran back inside and sat on the sofa. This was the worst Christmas ever; in fact it was the worst day ever. She didn’t know what to do…She just sat and cried.

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