A Christmas story :)


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Annie woke with a start. She was sweating. The window was open. Annie looked around her room; there was something above the old fireplace! Oh it was a stocking... of course it was Christmas day! Annie closed the window then went over the stocking it was empty! At the bottom of the stocking was a tiny folded piece of paper. She opened it up. It read: GOODBYE. She looked around, all of a sudden the house felt empty. She looked at her clock- 10am! She had over slept. Wait that was strange normally her little brother and sister were up around 6am! But she couldn’t hear any laughing or whispering or the ripping of wrapping paper. Was she at home? What had happened? She decided to investigate. She slipped on her pink bunny slippers, tied back her long auburn hair and grabbed her hoodie. The thing that really worried her was the open window... and the note... She felt hot and agitated. She walked to the kitchen to get some water. It was weird, she felt so cold yet so warm. She drank her glass of water then walked into the living room. No one was there. She ran to her brother’s bedroom. Where was he… not in there she was sure of that! She was starting to get creeped out. Her house was empty. Her window was open. She had found a creepy note. Most of all there wasn’t any presents. This wasn’t like her mum and dad. No matter what they always bought them something. Was she right about the day? The time? She felt like the whole world had stood still! Something wasn't right and she knew it…

What had happened to her family!?


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