Sunkissed Violet

A teenage story♥


1. Purple☼


I shouldn’t really say this but I just can’t stand being trapped inside any longer. It’s not just that, I’m sick of being told what to do. Always down my neck with orders. It’s like I’m a prisoner. I’m not even allowed into the garden! I long to see outside… to feel the rain splattering on my face and the suns heat absorbing through my back.

I have no freedom. I have no identity. I don’t even know my real name. I’m just a number to them… I don’t matter to them. To them I am a nobody. But to my friends I’m August. They call me August because I remind them of summer. I have tanned, sun-kissed skin, bright blonde hair with caramel highlights like the sun’s rays shinning on a hot summer day. I always smile- I like to smile. But the unusual thing about my appearance is my vibrant, almost purple eyes. They do tests on everyone in The Institute but they do extra ones on me. Once I overhead them talking, they thought I was still asleep but I’d already recovered from the test. They kept saying all this stuff that I didn’t understand however I do know they are captivated by my eyes! I understand that they are a bit out of the ordinary, but their obsessive fascination with them makes me feel uncomfortable.

I have been at The Institute for as long as I can remember. The Institute keeps us safe. Everyone here has special abilities. They kick in when we reach our 13th birthday. Mine haven’t started yet. I’m the only fifteen year old who doesn’t know what my gift is. Whisper can read people’s minds and shape shift into them. Uri can manipulate gravity and make himself disappear! And I can hold my breath underwater for a minute if that counts for anything! Uri always teases me about being the only one who hasn’t developed my powers yet.

I had a dream last night. I was outside. Outside of The Institute. I was in the grounds wandering around then there was a bright flash of light. I woke up. As soon as I woke up I got dressed in my work clothes and headed downstairs. It was my turn to make breakfast and clean the dining hall. My mind kept wandering back to the dream… was it a sign... was I going to get my powers soon? I tried to speak to Whisper but the wardens kept telling me off. After breakfast I ambled around The Institute avoiding wardens. I suddenly came across some stairs I hadn’t seen before. I followed them. Down and down they went. I came out in a tunnel. I stepped forward. Then I blacked out.

I was in a hospital and there was a woman holding a baby. It looked just like me. It was me! I was seeing the past. I had my power, I could see through time. The woman said “Her name is Violet”.

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