Normally Halloween is a fun and exciting day but not anymore...


1. 31.10.



Halloween, the 31st of October.  For most kids my age Halloween is one of the best days of the year. For most kids my age Halloween means sweets, costumes and parties…but not for me, not any more.

“Mum! Darcy is here.” I shouted from the door. My mum walked in wiping her hands on her red, spotty apron. She gave me a peck on the cheek and a hug, warning me to stay safe and to text her when I was heading to the party.  The party wasn’t just any party, it was the biggest party of the year and my friends and I had been invited! Me and Darcy were going to meet the others then go trick or treating. The party was starting at 10:30 so we had about 2 hours to get as much stuff as we could! I was dressed in a long, emerald green dress and I had a jewelled mask in my hand. My red hair was in a fancy up-do. Some strands curled, framing my face. My dad said I looked ‘a million dollars’. Darcy was wearing a red cat suit and had 2 red devil horns pinned into her short black hair. I grabbed my bag from my room stuffing in a thick jumper, my mobile, a water bottle, some fruit, a scarf and a beanie. According to the weather forecast it was going to be cold. I swung my bag over my shoulder and linked arms with Darcy, hugging my Mum. My dad came to take pictures so me and Darcy posed for a little while then strolled down the path into the icy air.

After strolling round for 2 hours we were glad when it reached 10:30. We could finally have a sit down. Me and Darcy had met Ella, Perrie and Jade on The Estate. The Estate is full of rich people with huge houses. We got loads of sweets. I’d eaten loads of them already, even though there would be food at the party. We worked our way through the estate until we got to Dexter’s house. We were just on time. The party was already buzzing. The night flew by in a blur. The music was so loud so at around 12 I pulled on my jumper and headed outside into the back garden. There were a few people lingering around on the patio but they soon cleared inside for the dance competition. I walked briskly down the garden. It went on for miles, the further down the garden I walked the denser the tree’s got. I found myself hidden by trees; soon I couldn’t see the house. I sat down on a swinging bench and put on my beanie and scarf. I rummaged in my bag and found my phone. I put in my earphones, leaning back into the swing. I fell asleep to the distant sound of music forgetting to put on a tune.

The dark forest frowned on either side of the frozen lake. The trees had been stripped bare by the frosty wind and they seemed to lean towards each other in the fading light, it was as if they were cowering together hiding from something sinister or hugging to keep warm. Their trunks and twigs looked like old, bony fingers grabbing out and waiting for a passer-by to wander into their clutches. A stony path weaved in between the old trees covered in shards of ice, icicles dripping down from the branches above. It was like a mirror of cold ice had been smashed over the forest. The icy wind blew the trees and howled as it picked up stray leaves and tossed them aside looking for something better. The stray leaves swirled and a collection of red berries lay dotted around on the frozen path. An old, castle-like mansion loomed in the distance, standing tall in the storm. Its heavy garden gate swinging on its rusty hinges. Its roof slates flying. Its chimney steaming. The dismal moon reflected onto the frozen water looked like a grandfather clock’s face. I watched the storm from the attic window. I pressed my face against the glass but drew back quickly. The pane of glass was like a block of ice! I’d been locked in this room for a day now and still hadn’t seen the face of my kidnapper. When I woke up I saw that I was no longer in Dexter’s garden. I had my bag still swung over my shoulder but my phone had been removed. I’d searched through my bag and discovered that I still had everything plus my diary and a pen that stays in my bag. I wrote down all of the things I could remember. Starting with my name and the date and finishing with Dexter’s party. I wrote:

Lola Millie Kings. Halloween, 31st October. Best friend; Darcy Jackson, Close friends: Ella Trueman, Perrie Raven and Jade Smith. The Estate. Dexter’s party. All of year 9 present and some year 10’s. Students from West Mill High School only. 10:30 start of party. Garden stroll at midnight, before dance competition. Sat on bench. Got out phone and ear phones. Fell asleep. Last people I saw on patio were Dylan Cooper, Maizie McCauley, Veronica Panes and some year 10’s. Woke the next day in a shabby room overlooking a forest and lake. Storm is howling.

I was hoping this would help me. I needed to figure out what was going on. I don’t think I was taken by someone invited to the party. I stared out the window once more, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I’d seen the landscape before. Years ago maybe. Maybe when I was little… The room I was in was familiar too however the whole scene had an air of mystery to it. When I was little I lived in a care home. My mum and dad adopted me when I was 6. Maybe this was the house I lived in before all that! Maybe this was the house of my real parents. Maybe my real parents where here now! 

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