The Locket Of The Lake...

Teenager, Moor-Raine is scared of water but this summer she wants to get over her fear... but can she?


2. Out In The Open

I looked around but could see nothing but black. My body was weightless and powerless in the water. I could feel myself slipping... away...

I woke up. My bed was soaking. I was soaking. And it smelt of the sea. I looked in the mirror and my hair was dripping and it looked slightly green. I blinked and for a second my eyes looked the brightest blue instead of their usual grey. I grabbed my sheets and ran downstairs to put them in a wash. Then I came back up into the attic and went to my bathroom. I took off all my wet clothes and dried my hair with the hairdryer. It looked better now, almost normal although it still had a green tinge to it. I went back into my room and lit a fire to warm up and then I burnt the clothes. I wanted to get rid off the memories. Get rid of everything from that night. I looked at my clock on the wall and it was only 3 am. Sighing I got on a pair of teal jeans and a top. Then I grabbed my cardie and denim jacket. I wanted to go for a walk.

Opening my window I felt a chilly breeze so I quickly shut it again and turned up the heating as I grabbed a scarf, gloves and a beanie. I found a bag and shoved in some essentials like a phone and a spare hoodie and some water. Next I headed downstairs slowly and carefully so I didn't wake anyone. 

Once outside I circled the house  a few times to make sure no one was awake then headed left, away from the lake and toward the woods..

The gravel crunched under my boots as I walked briskly along. The sooner I got under the cover of the trees in the woods the better. I didn't like being out in the open. Alone. Vulnerable.

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