The Locket Of The Lake...

Teenager, Moor-Raine is scared of water but this summer she wants to get over her fear... but can she?


1. Last Day Of Summer


I looked out across the water… this was my last chance before summer ended to conquer my fear. The lake gleamed in the moonlight, I stared down at my reflection; shimmering in the murky watery below.   All of a sudden I heard a quiet noise come from behind me; I switched my gaze back to the big old house that belonged to my grandmother. Everything seemed to be alright so I turned back to the lake. I was just about to slowly dip into the water when I felt a hard push on my back. Before I knew what had happened the icy lake water swallowed me up.

I drifted to the bottom of the muddy lake, my feet hitting the rocky bed. I kicked out and tried to scream but of course no one heard, I could feel the cold water seeping into my tired lungs. I could feel the lake soaking my clothes, dragging me down as I tried to swim to the surface.  My arms plunged into darkness as I splashed around, then I felt something even colder than the lake, something smooth, I grabbed it and with one last surge of energy pushed with my legs to the top.

Gasping I hauled myself onto the grassy bank. I screamed out but no words appeared. I tried again and again! I couldn’t speak… Then I remembered the object.  I picked up something bright against the grass and in my hand was a gold locket...

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