The mysterious B-day present

once a year on a halloween night this clown comes alive and goes after a kid.This halloween the clown puts himself in a box as a present to kayla.Is kayla's birthday...........will she survive.

WARNING: ill correct my spelling mistakes later and other mistakes too



It was a cold halloween night on the same day as hannah's birthday. Hannah is a 7 year old girl that got a mysterious birthday present from an unknown. It was an old box that had a clown inside , every year that clown comes alive every halloween night . When the clock strikes twelve , the clown was alive inside hannah's room.He woke her up and she woke up screaming as soon as she saw the clown alive.The parents were woken up by the scream and saw that clown.They pulled their daughter away from the clown. The clown got his gun out of nowhere, with an evil smirk covering his face and shot the parents saying to hannah "you and me we can rule the world".

Suddenly, the spooky house with the blooded roof spoke saying"your not taking her nowhere clown".Hannah had an eerie feeling as soon as the house spoke and she froze with out blinking and said to the clown" you killed my parents clown and is your turn now!".The clown shouted at the house and angrily said" WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER" .An unwanted visitor came by to destroy the clown's will, it was the clowns ex wife named The doll. The doll plays her game hot and dangerously no one can ever trust her but the doll still loved her clown.


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