You only have one life...or do you?


2. Alive...

I am still alive.

My heart is beating as my eyes scan the room. My doll, the one with the frayed hair and the red eyes, the one in my dream is lying lifelessly...on the side of my bed.

That was not where I left it.

It must've been a dream. I mean, I haven't died and neither has....mum! I rush into the master bedroom. Mum is still asleep, still beathing, still alive. I let out a sigh of relief and open the curtains in both rooms. Then I grab the doll and chuck it in a suitcase. I close the suitcase and keep it in my cupboard. That should do it.

I wander downstairs, make myself a cup of tea and read a book. My dream is getting to my head. The axe which had 'killed my mother'....the chuckling of her sweet, soft voice.....


I had more important things to worry about. I flipped open my mobile. I had one new text.....from Ben (my boyfriend). Asking if I could make it to the movies! That was sweet of him. I texted him back saying sure, great, what are we seeing.

The reply wasn't so good though. About ten minutes later he sent me a text saying 'possession'. About some girl who gets murdered and possesses her murderer. U mite wanna check out the trailer, Mil. 5pm tonite.

Awesome, I text back. Really, I shouldn't be watching this just as I've had a nightmare about them, but if it means I get to hang out with Ben, it's fine.  

My two best friends, Cathy and Gemma, are always going on about boys. Cathy in a more romatic way. Gemma in a more tomboyish way. I'm a hopeless romantic, and I totally fail in being a tomboy. I'm proud of my friends all the same.

Just then, my mum comes into the lounge.

"Hey mom," I say, trying not to get flashbacks of last night, the last time I saw her her head was ripped off her neck. "Ummm, is it okay if I go to the movies tonight? With Ben?"

"Go for it," says my mum, almost in an uncertain way.

"Mum....are you...feeling okay?" I ask.

"Oh, what?" she asks. "Me? I'm fine. I just feel a little bit sick, thats all."

So do I. I'm sick of remembering that STUPID NIGHTMARE. She looks at me, like she's read my mind, like she knows my nightmare, and I'm feeling guilty. I hide my blushes under my dark hair, and stare at the ground.

"Do me a favour," says mum. "Get me a bottle of water. I think there's one upstairs."

"Sure," I say. I run up the stairs. Something isn't right. I grab the bottle of water and think for a minute.

Could she have had the same nightmare?

Then my eyes spot something on the floor. I turn to pick it up, but then I realise it's something that I wish I had never seen.....

It was a bloodstain.

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