Things happen...

He was out of control.
His wife was sick of him
Evil spirits,
Kill him!
Drown... or survive


1. The one and only chapter of death

He was out of control. Frank 'o' Mallins, he spent the whole night at the pub with his friends, while at home, his wife was sitting on a kitchen chair with a rolling pin, slapping in her hands was waiting to give him a piece of her mind. He was drunk, riding a horse near the old scottish church, the haunted, roofless church, where ghosts and monsters roamed the place. The place where his wife was hoping he would die. Then there was the old scottish river where if he was drunk, that he could tumble off his horse and into the river and get disinigrated by the monsters. Riding drunkly with a bottle of rum in his hands, he saw a flickering light, with a beautiful girl and some others who seemed to be witches but as he looked, they looked and he was in a trance with their dog teeth and red eyes... wait, dog teeth? Red eyes? He was being chased by witches, dancing round a campfire, they kept running, he kept running. The horse stopped in shock as before him, there was a spirit from below, yelling, telling him to never do this again as he has done it now, 13 times. He may have been drunk, but he knew it was Halloween. They said he must be punished, but never will be after this time...  and there was a rumble, and as the horse stopped, the drunken male flung from his horse and into the evil scottish river, where he was slowly floating down, but on his way, saw a mother who was hung with her jaw open and blood smeared across her mouth and she looked horrid with her tounge out and half of it cut off. And a dog who had a head missing, floating to the bottom...bang, the head was looking up at him. He blew bubbles and tried to swim up but just sank, until he saw an image, of himself, as he could make out the face and the eyes, and as that gave him the biggest shock of all, he swam up and up until his head came out of the water. But that witch he saw earlier, the beautiful one, screamed like a screech and hissed, as she dunked him under and he drowned, but not before the witch put a hex on him, saying that he will only come back again if he realises the consequenses of his actions. That figure he saw, he was the new addition, about to be... and he is...   550 years later, never once returned. 

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