A Story You'll Never Forget <3

A Typical Girl who's a normal 17 year old who gets abuse by her father who's a alcoholic.But her life's about to change ;3 she'll be meeting 5 British/Irish Boys.
But all this 5 British/Irish boys fall in love with this ordinary girl who harry and Niall brought home.


1. Why Me!

Just A Little Preview & FlashBack & Back Story's

It all started when Lilyanna was a little girl. She was abused a lot by her parents and her siblings. The only one person she can trust was Victoria, her best friend. They've known each other since second grade. Victoria has long brown hair, hazel green eyes, she's 5 ft tall, and has an average body. As for Lilyanna, she has light brown hair, blue eyes, shes 5"1, and has an average body like Victoria. Lilyanna can trust Victoria with any secret she has.

           One day, Lilyanna was in her room, on her laptop, talking to Victoria on Skype. When Lilyanna and Victoria were talking on Skype, Lilyanna heard a loud knock on her door."Lilyanna open your door up!" her dad yelled. Lilyanna panic because she knew what was gonna happen if she opened the door for her dad. Lilyanna looked at Victoria on her laptop screen and had a frightened look on her face. Lilyanna stood up & put her laptop top on the bed & turns off the skype convo with Victoria and slowly walked over to the door. *LOUD KNOCKS CONTINUE*, Lilyanna was just shaking & scared. Her dad continues to yell for Lilyanna to open the door for him to come in. Lilyanna slowly puts her hand on the doorknob and unlocks the door and opens it slowly, she peaked out and saw her dad look all drunk with a beer in his hand. Lilyanna's dad walks up close to her & she started to back up but then she hit the wall, her dad walks closer to her and puts his hand over her shoulder saying "since your mom doesn't obey me, your gonna have to do what i want you to do". Lilyanna's just had a tear coming down her soft face, she's frightened & terrified of what's her father's gonna do to her. Lilyanna was hoping her mother would come in and rescue her. But she noticed that she hasn't heard a word or sound from downstairs. Then her dad started to kiss lilyanna's neck and she started to cry and he pulled her to the bed and pushed her down and pulled all her clothes off. Lilyanna was crying and screaming telling her father to stop touching her.

 Lilyanna's P.O.V

              I woke up in my room still not remembering what had happen & wondering how i fell asleep so fast. As i got to go to the restroom i noticed my clothes was off!. I ran back to my bed & under my blankets. Then it suddenly hit me, my dad did this to me. I didn't want to remember anything that happen, so i try to forget what had happen to me. I walked out of my bed and to my closet to get a pair of Green sweats and a black tank top. I walked to the restroom so i can wash up. when i walked in the restroom and look at myself in the mirror i noticed a scar on my chest, it looked like a scratch or something. So i just splashed my face with water and grabbed a towel to dry my face. After i finish drying my face i opened the door and started walking down stairs. But i heard a loud bang in the kitchen. So i stopped and started to listen, i heard my dad & mom yelling at each other. I slowly walked backwards to my room, but then i heard my mom yell and so i slipped when i was trying to walk backwards. I heard someone running to the stairs, i was assuming it was my dad to come and get me or hit me again. I turned around started running up room. As soon as i got to my room i locked the door as fast as i could. I kept hearing loud knocks on my door "Open this door right now Lilyanna or your gonna get it" my dad yelling and banging at the door. I started to panic and i didn't know what to do except jump out my window. But it sucks because i live in a two-story house. I grabbed my back-pack and packed it with some clothes. As i finish packing up i put on my back and grabbed my phone with charger and a jacket. Thank god i had a tree next to my window. So i had one leg on the branch of the tree outside my window and one leg on my window. But suddenly i heard my door got knocked down. "GET BACK HERE LILY,YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM ME!!" my dad yelling and staring at me with his red eyes & red face. I try to get my other leg to the tree but my dad got my leg so i try pulling my leg as hard as i could and then my dad finally let go off my leg. But as he let go off me i didn't have a good grip on the tree so i feel down. and hurt my right thigh, but i had to try my best to get up. I heard my dad yelling from my window, so he started running downstairs to get. But luckily i got up and started running. As i was running in front of my house i saw through the window my mom passed out on the floor. I stopped for a minute, i had a tear come down my face. But i heard my dad yelling for me so i started running again. I just keep running actually leap running. I was running for about 30 min. and i noticed as i was still running my father was gone, so i stopped at this really beautiful park with a waterfall. I walked/leaped over there and sat on the bench next to the waterfall. I pulled up my sweats to were i got hurt when i fell of the tree. I had a purple/blue bruise cut on my right thigh. So i leaped over to the waterfall to wash my thigh, but as i washed my thigh i noticed brown-blonde hair & curly brown hair on the corner of my eyes. At first i thought it was a bunch of guys messing with me. But as i looked up i saw Niall Horan & Harry Styles looking at me as like i was dying.

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