A Story You'll Never Forget <3

A Typical Girl who's a normal 17 year old who gets abuse by her father who's a alcoholic.But her life's about to change ;3 she'll be meeting 5 British/Irish Boys.
But all this 5 British/Irish boys fall in love with this ordinary girl who harry and Niall brought home.


2. Starting Brand New :)

The New Beginning

       Harry's P.O.V

When saw that girl with green sweats & black tank top, her hair look so smooth and long curly. And her eyes *OMG expression* was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L <3.I wanted to ask for her name but i was just zoned out by her beastliness, i just couldn't stop staring into her gorgeous eyes.

       Niall's P.O.V

When i saw that beautiful young girl at the park who's hurt, i couldn't even move because her stunning beautiful eyes just caught my attention, it felt like the world has stop and the only thing that's moving was just me staring at her beautiful face & body.


        Lilyanna's P.O.V

I slowly looked up at Harry & Niall, & all there doing was staring at me like i was dying or something."Hello?!" i said to them, they both knocked out there fantasy and Niall said " Hey I'm Niall Horan & this Harry Styles", "Oh i know who you guys are already, you didn't have to introduce yourself *giggled*" i said.



Sorry this was a really short chapter, it was because i ran out of idea, you guys should comment down below and give me some ideas for the story. Ill prbably update again soon. :3

Directioner rocks <3

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