Best Friends Forever?

In this story two very different girls; Lexi and Jessie, go through alot. But after all their memories will they be Best Friends Forever, or will they be deadly enemies?


2. Starting Bridgegate Primary School

Doing homework actually helped me to learn something about the victorians- Queen Victoria never did anything exciting. I think I know more about Queen Victoria than Prince Albert did!

The next day I awoke to the sound of my alarm ringing; startled. But I just told myself to ignore it and that my alarm clock was just jealous of the relationship I had with my bed. 

I think I must’ve fell asleep again because the next thing I knew was that my stressed out dad was in my room, shouting. At me, “LEXI BROWN! You’re going to be late for your first day at Bridgegate primary.” 

“It’s ok dad, I’m getting out of bed right now,” I re-assured my dad. 

 My dad is really good looking. Well, he used to be. When he was with my mum any-way. That photo was taken three years ago- dad was still with mum and could never have been happier. He got me to take a photo of him before he went out. I was a real daddy’s girl. If anything happened to him and mum I promised him that I would stay with him.  

I think I now see why my dad’s nearly always stressed out- the only person that lives with him. Me? I can’t help being disliked by everyone, the teachers, my class mates, my mum. Yep, I said it. She walked out on us (or should I say me) after I failed a maths test. 

“Your so useless at everything, Lexi,” She would shout into my face, “Aren’t you good at anything?” My dad then forced her to leave, even though he loved her so much, because he wouldn’t have anyone abusing any one in his house. It just shows how much he loves me.

 I soon snapped out of a daydream so I could listen to my dad, “Oh yeah. One more thing Lexi. Please, please, please try your hardest to not get expelled at Bridgegate. But just a hint, being late doesn’t help,” Dad asked, leaving me to get dressed for school. I would try my hardest but not for my old friends, not for my mum, maybe my cat but I’ll definetly try for my dad.

Yes, dad said it. I’ve been to six different schools (I’ve been expelled from them all) and Bridgegate will be my seventh. But I’m determind to make a few friends or maybe even a best friend at bridge gate. I’ll be brave, I’ll be bold, I’ll be bad- No-one will dare to call me ‘the new girl’ twice!                                                                                                                     

At least I have some decent company that I can share my worries with. Treacle, my cute little cat. She never shouts at me- she purrs at me. She’s ever so fluffy and has a cute white smudge on her nose.When I’m at school she always sleeps on my bed so when I get home from a very tiring day at school I love to be greeted by her. It looks like she goes to school because she wears white socks so you can tell when she’s been outside.

As it’s our first week back and we’re learning about the Victorians we have to wear our horrid Victorian costume all week! My ugly costume was shoved at the back of my  wardrobe; creased and crumbled because it had fallen off the hanger. My costume wasn’t anything special; a black dress fit for an adult six foot tall, I didn’t care at all for it because my dad got it from a charity shop, I also had a white, home made, elasticated, scrunchy, Victorian maids hat. My black, ugg boots comfortably covered my feet.

"LEXI!" Dad called, "Are you dressed yet?"

"Almost," I lied.

"Well, we're leaving in two minutes so get your bag packed."

Reluctantly I put my shaming costume on in double the time I would have usually done. I then packed my bag: pencil case, water bottle, packed lunch, book, planner, swimming kit and P.E. kit. Me and my dad walked hand in hand all the way to the heart of town. Two people that loved each other very much.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      





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