Best Friends Forever?

In this story two very different girls; Lexi and Jessie, go through alot. But after all their memories will they be Best Friends Forever, or will they be deadly enemies?


1. Meet me, Lexi


Hi, my name’s Lexi. Do you get homework that you need to complete during the summer holidays? Well, I’m starting a new school and they’ve sent me tons and tons of homework; I only got it yesterday but they’re expecting it in tomorrow. Shall I tell you what I think of homework? I think It’s a waste. A waste of what, you ask. A waste of paper (trees), all our valuable time and all our rescorces. I’m just wondering,  what’s your definition of homework? Mine woud be a bit of work that you didn’t finish at school so you take it home and finish it there. But Miss Smive’s idea of homework (my new teacher) is five lots of my maths, 20 spellings to learn and a instrument of your choice to practice. Each day! 

I know I can’t believe it either, It’s the 4th of September and that means… The last day of the summer holidays! I was sitting my room bored stiff of (oh how could I forget) homework. Earlier that morning I told myself to get up early so I could tackle the homework quickly and then dedicate the rest of my day texting my old friends. Well it took longer  than I thought.

Also when I say old friends I don’t mean any girly girls; all pretty, always checking their make up and hair and  giggling whenever one of the boys get told off. No my friends were tougher, stronger, fiercer. They were boys. At the time I wasn’t bothered about not being able to check my hair and go to sleep overs but I survived. These are my old mates. Yeah, I know your first impressions are Famous movie star’s sons. But actually they’re the most popular boys in our class. I only managed to be invited into their gang because I was daring and always pulling pranks on the teachers.

I don’t know why I did it. I suppose I thought If I couldn’t get into the C.P.T club (Cool, popular, talented) then I guessed that I had to try and be a tomboy instead. I didn’t really want to be a tomboy  but if I didn’t hang out with them then I’d end up like Molly Arnolds. Now, Molly is some one you really don’t want to end up looking like. She has her hair plaited in a “I’m the king’s daughter” way, even though she comes from a poor family. She wears a “Good girl” T- shirt. I mean who on earth does she think she is? A  santa’s elf? I mean wearing a pair of “I’m a shiny super star, teachers pet” trousers is just being stupid. To complete the look she wears a pair of nerd glasses which she thinks are cool; just like harry potter’s.                             

Going back to the c.p.t club you might want to know why I didn’t fit in. I’ll tell you. There were special “Club rules” that you had to follow. Also there was a special club leader who was very bossy. Her name was Ashley. There was also Charlotte and Katie. At play time they would gang up on you and push you into the boys toilets. They would call you names. During class they go to the shared area to get a water pot and accidently on purpose bump into you and spill it on your own work. In P.E  if you don’t catch the ball then the whole class around you will shout at you but if any of the c.p.t club members are on your team then they’ll burst into tears and say to the teacher that you dropped the ball on purpose.   

 But Ashley is the fiecest of them all. She has her hair in a posh way, all done up even though none of the boys even blinked in her direction. Just because she sweet talks the teachers into letting her wear giant, bright pink hoop ear rings she thinks she’s it. She wears a dress that even I wouldn’t dare to wear. It’s the shortest that I’ve ever seen. To finish the look off she wears a pair of very high heels that are pink and black; as glittery as the stars.  

Then there’s Charlotte. She’s the nicest out of the group but she can still be rough at times. She has her hair like Katie, brushed over to one side but much lighter than Katie’s. Her top is from spain and she claims that because her parents thought she was wonderful they thought she deserved the top even though it cost seventy six euro’s. Well that’s what she said, they probaly got it from a charity shop. She has denim shorts. Also she wears the same shoes as Ashely but in a different colour, pink.

Last but not least there’s Katie. She’s the second nicest of the group. She has a stripy bow in her head which is pink and stripy, matching with her top. Pink denim shorts covered her legs. Long, pink, knee high boots sit comortably on her feet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              






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