Basic Love

This is about a Girl named Crystal and her friends find true love!


1. Young Love.

Crystal's P.O.V

I sat on the bench at the park all alone I had no friends , no love and no family well.... I have family but i'm adopted. I sometimes feel so lost like i'm in the darkest rabbit hole with no food. Just when I was thinking of more bad thoughts a beautiful young man sat aside me he dragged his phone out of his pocket he was on ' Twitter '  he saw me look at his phone " You a fan? " he asked what does he mean by fan? " What do you mean by fan? " I asked him with a really confused look on my face " Yo- You don't know who I am? " he said looking surprised I shook my head " afraid not " I replied " Well I'm Louis from One direction we're a boy band  " " So that's what it is everyone is talking about it I believe your with four other boys right? "  I said with a smile on my face " That's right! do you want to meet them ? " he asked SUPER POLITELY " Sure I would love to meet them sorry for not introducing myself I'm Crystal " I said with a  blush " what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl 


I'll Write more later okay ;)xx

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