500 days with Cancer (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

They say everyone lived for a reason. Amber didn't know hers. Parents passed away, bullied by the whole school, and the worse, diagnosed with Cancer. She only wanted one thing; to reach her dream of being a singer.


9. Chapter 9.


Harry's POV


"Lou, that was just like yesterday!" I said with a girlish tone escaping my mouth.

"So? You should've like rang me last night!" Lou falsely scowled.

"Stop being such a mum, Louis. I have my mom now so I don't need you. And I already have my girlfriend so I guess it's...over." I pouted.

"But Harry, I still love you. Don't do this to me." Louis tried to do a break up scene with me which is pretty wrong actually.

"I'm sorry Louis but I don't love you anymore. I've found my real, true love and she's beautiful." I said, trying not to laugh 'cause it'll break the scene.

"But I'm more beautiful, ain't I?"

"Cut the drama! Louis..." My eyes landed on Eleanor who was behind Louis, tapping her foot on the floor with crossed arms and eyes piercing through Louis.

Lou was startled and turned around to El. "Well, hello to you, the most gorgeous lady on earth."

"It looks like you're having fun on your Larry Stylinson moment, aye?" Eleanor smirked which showed she is a bit pissed.

"Uhhh we're just making some scenes to practice Harry for his acting talents. And, Amber and him are together!!" Louis announced. El's anger was washed away immediately and placed her eyes on me and smiled.

"Really? Congratulations, Haz. I hope to know her really well next time she comes around."

"She is coming around at 12:00pm. I must cook my best for lunch." I said with a jumpy mood coming out.

"That's great! Anyways, I'll be upstairs. Call me when she comes!" El said and gave me a cheek to cheek kiss then headed upstairs.

"So what do you think I should cook for her this lunch?" I asked Louis who seemed to be stopping his laugh from escaping his mouth. "And why are you laughing?"

"Nothing." He chuckled.

"Lou, seriously."

"What? I'm not laughing 'bout anything."

"Not that! The lunch thingy!" I scowled.

"Oh sorry. Urm, well, you might wanna go with your White Spaghetti?" He suggested.

I kinda agree on what he said. I seriously love my white spaghetti and so does other people who taste my food.

"Yeah so will you help?" I asked.

"Lol no." He said and continued with an odd laugh and ranaway. Ugh, people these days.


"Really? You just got it, Harry! I knew you'll make her fall one time!" Liam said over the phone.

"You know me too well." I said arrogantly.

"Yeah so what time should we come over? We'll have to drive over to Zayn's which I think his doors would probably be unlocked.

"About 11 I guess. She'll come in 12. How 'bout Zayn?" I asked, worrying about Zayn despising Amber.

"I'll handle Zayn. So anyways, see you at 11, mate."

"Ok. Cheers!"


Then he placed the phone down. Damn, what are friends for?

Amber's POV

"You're so cute you know."

"Shut up, Chloe."

"So anyways, you'll have you're therapies tomorrow at the afternoon. You might want to bring Harry with you." Chloe suggested while resting her head on her hand as she flip over the magazine.

"He might be busy. I can handle it." I retorted as I find something to wear for the lunch over Harry and Louis' flat.

"Really, Amber? Is that your point of a bf/gf relationship. C'mon, trust me, it'll be fine."

"No is my final decision."


"Hey, aren't you going to look for something you could wear to your cousin's party later?" I changed the subject because I'm too lazy for an argument with Chloe over a topic that doesn't really make any sense!

"No, you cannot change the subject. Just-"

"Omg, this tee suites you very much!" I said, acting all girly just to keep Chloe distracted.

"Omg it does!"

And I believe I did distract her.

So let's just say, I can't wait to see Harry again.

Zayn's POV

I tossed myself and sunk my face down the pillow. I've been a little sentimental these days.

It's just that, I can't stand seeing Harry and Amber together. I feel so empty and small when I see Harry so happy with her. Like he even deserve it, because he doesn't. I know you're starting to get a bit confuse at what I'm trying to say but I guess what you're thinking is technically true.

I fancy Amber.

Weird huh? And it just tears me apart so much. I've never been this deeply inlove with a girl. And not just only a girl, but a girl who I usually bully. Despite the fact of Harry fancying Amber, I hope they won't be together as a couple.

'Course Amber hates him after all the silly stuff he's been doing.

"Zayn. Get up, mate. We can't leave without you." Liam suprisingly entered my room without knocking. Well I'm starting to get use to it since it happens often.


"What's there to get up?" I groaned.

"Umm...we're going to Harry's."

"What's the event? Another worthless lunch? Thanks but I'll just stick to cooking my own food here since I know how." I said as an excuse but the truth is, I'll just skip lunch, or even dinner.

"Please, Zayn. It's a somewhat big event for us. Please come. Your presence there would be amazing for Harry." Liam begged as he sat down in my bed.

"What? Amber just answered Harry's proposal?!" What the fuck did I just say?

"Umm.. M-More likely." Liam muttered.

"WHAT???!" I felt my blood boiling. My heart sank very deep and my sight darkened. I quickly stood up and went to my closet to change.

This is not helping my condition.

Harry's POV

"Voila! My spaghetti carbonara is done!" I exclaimed as I placed the dish on the center of the dining table.

"Well done, curly." Louis applaused.

"I'll just take a shower. Amber will arrive in 20 minutes." I said as I untie the apron from my waist.

I ran upstairs and went straight to the bathroom. I stripped my clothes off and turn the shower on. The warm water feels good on my body.

After few minutes, I jumped out and headed to my room. I took my blue plaid shirt and cream chinos.

I started fixing my wet curls and styled it according to how I wantes.

Finally, I ran downstairs and wait for Am-

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR MIND? ARE YOU GOING CRAZY?" He looked at me straight in the eyes as he gripped tight on my collar. He was dead furious and he wanted to show me what he's got.

"What the hell is your problem?" I pushed him away, harsh enough to stay him standing far from me.


Luckily, Liam hurried towards him and held him away from me.

"What are you talking about?! I told you before that I like Amber and that's it! Why are you going nuts about it?" I said.

Until it hit me.

"Wait..." I paused.

"Don't mention it." He mumbled.

"Are you...crushing on her?" I said, fearing his answer.

"I care about her as much as you do." He casually retorted.

Fuck, I feel my heart being torn apart into a million pieces.

"Sorry. We're together now. And there's nothing that could separate us." Was all I can say.

I'm turning into a coward when it comes to losing Amber. I feel so empty right now I don't know why. Even if I know that Amber is mine, what Zayn said still threatens me.

"You can't be so sure Harry."

What does he mean?

"Please, Zayn. Don't ruin our friendship. Don't make this hard for an-" I was stating until he cutted me.

"No, Harry. I get what I want. And if I want her then I'll get her." He said then walked away towards the table.

It left me crying.

Liam walks towards me and hugged me. I know this is pretty gay but that's what we do when one of us is down.


"Harry is everything okay?"

I'm so afraid.


I don't want her to leave me.


I jumped from my chair, my thoughts scattered in my head.

"What?" I muttered.

"You've been mindlessly staring at your food without touching it. Is there something wrong?" Amber began to worry.

"Nothing babe." I lied.

I glared at Zayn who has an evil smirk playing on his lips as he forks his spaghetti.

"So how are you two going?" Louis began to speak.

"Lou, I just asked her yesterday. Don't be such in a rush." I chuckled.

"Oh yeah. Well, ex-boyfriends get really excited." Louis joked.

"Louis!" I began to turn tomato red. Amber let a snort out, causing everyone to turn their gazes towards her.

"Sorry." Amber went back to eating. She's so pretty.

"What? Can't I just make her laugh?" Louis said.

"Hmm... Let's say you bullied me for the whole middle school. And here I am, eating with you." Amber smirked.

"Sorry 'bout that love. We were jerks back then." Liam apologized sincerely.

"And I was peer pressured." Niall butted in while chewing on his food.

"Whatever. But I have to say, you guys are really a bunch of jerks." Amber chuckled.

"You'll get use to it babe." I said then pecked her on her cheek.

"So...could you tell us some more about yourself?" Eleanor suggested.

"Um...I want to be famous as a singer and a bass player." Amber uttered.

"Cool. Niall could help you out." Lou said.

"Nah, I know how to anyways."

"Are you facing any tough decisions or situations in your life?" Niall asked.

Why did he ask that?

"Uhh...I-I..." Amber stuttered with fear.

It seemed that she doesn't want anyone to know about it.

"She has no parents and that leaves her on living on her own." I cutted in.

"Harry?" Amber whispered.

"It's true!" I whispered back.

"Oh. Well Amber, you can stay here with us if you want." Louis suggested.

"No, thanks. I share my house with my bestfriend." Amber retorted.

We had a good lunch time. Amber was getting along with them, especially Louis and El and except Zayn. He was just munching on the pasta without any word said.

Suprisingly, he's phone rang.

"Excuse me, I got to take this." He stood up and walked outside.

"Is there something wrong with Zayn? He seemed so tired. He haven't said a single word or sound." Amber worried.

I admit, it hurt me. She just worried about him.

"He's pretty busy these days. He's been in stress since. Don't worry he'll be fine." I said and Amber dropped it. Thank God.

Zayn's POV.

"Hey, handsome." Some flirtatious voice found its way to my ears and I have to say I didn't like it.

"Wrong timing, Brianna." I groaned.

"Why so pissed?"

"I bet you'll get pissed too after I say what's going on." I said over the phone.

"What is going on?"

"Amber and Harry are together." I stated.

"THAT BITCH?" Brianna screamed through the phone that could literally damage my ear drum.

"Watch your words. She isn't a bitch. Harry is. If that's the right term." I protested.

"Okay, before we get pissed with each other, what's the plan?" Brianna questioned immediately.

"What plan?"

"Don't be silly, Zayn. We all know we want to get our own right? So we're going to make something to separate them!" Brianna said.

"Hmm...good point." 

I honestly think her plan is brilliant. I did want Amber and she wants Harry. So to get our own, we have to do something. After all, I told Harry he couldn't be so sure with Amber.

"I've got a plan."

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