500 days with Cancer (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

They say everyone lived for a reason. Amber didn't know hers. Parents passed away, bullied by the whole school, and the worse, diagnosed with Cancer. She only wanted one thing; to reach her dream of being a singer.


8. Chapter 8.


Harry's POV

"Get in me, Harry..." I held her against the wall, looking seductively to her eyes.

I smashed my lips onto her and kissed her aggresively. She snaked her hand into my curls and her free one under my shirt.

I was grabbing her well-shaped bum and squeezing it. The kiss was full of unread emotions. I carried her in a bride-style way, still agressively kissing until I threw her onto my bed.

I unbuckled my belt and she began to give me a devilish smirk and she licked her lips.

She took her tank and pants out.

I did the same to my trousers and 

shirt. She held onto her under wear, slowly slid-



"Oww!" I groaned. I felt a weight on top of me, shoving me deeper down my bed. 

"What the h-Amber? What are you doing here and why do you know where I live?" I crossed my eyesbrows at her, obviously frustrated at the wonderful dream I was having.

"Good morning to you too, cupcake." She gave a fake baby smile that her eyes were barely open.

"Please answer my questions first." I rolled my eyes, pissed.

"Looks like someone woke up in the wrong side of the bed." She sung and twirled then dumped herself beside me.

"It's because you woke me up while I'm having a dream tha-" I fastly moved my hands up to my mouth, cutting myself.

"Ooh a dream? Tell me about it." She placed her elbows on her legs while in an Indian sitting position. She then rested her chin on her hands and looked interested in my silly dream.

I pinched her cheek and smirked at her. She looked so cute in a big tee and white shorts with her hair loosely falling beneath her shoulders, wearing a velvet beanie.

"So what are you doing here?" I mumbled in a husky voice.

"Well since you auditioned me for the X-Factor," she stood up and walked around my room with crossed arms. 

"You're going to practice me." She winked.

"Why?" I asked in confusion. 

Me? Practice her? That was odd since it's singing. You just need the confidence in performing in front with your chosen song and that's it. Plus, it's still 2 months from now. Why does she need practice?

"Because..." She sat beside me again but nearer.

"I'm not just singing. I'm also going to play the electric guitar." She said. Woah, but ain't X-Factor only for singing? Or...nevermind.

"Plus, I'm not singing a song by other singers but my own written song." She added. What? Her own written song? Does she even know how hard writting a song is? And I'm going to help her?

"And what do I have to do?" I asked.

"Judge me anyway you want." She said.

"Jugge? Why would I judge you?" I don't know how to judge people I care about honestly. It's like, I don't want them to feel bad and horrid.

"Because you have more experience in singing than I do, idiot." She slapped my shoulder lightly while giggling.

"Oh wait. And you'll help me write the song." She winked. Ugh, she's so cute when she has an evil plan or whatever. It just sends me the urge to passionately kiss her.

But about me writing a song is another business. She's really into this. I'm glad I've auditioned her.

"Could you sing a song for me?" I requested. She looked at me and raised an eyebrow. "I want to listen to your voice." I added.

Sme smiled genuinely and nodded. She took my guitar by the side. It really suprised me to know she has the guts to do these stuff unlike other girls who just keep it to theirselves or worse, they're only good at nonsense.

She strummed the strings of the guitar and shivers went down my spine. She was serious of this career. You can't even see that she has Cancer.

After the intro of the guitar, melody filled my ears.

If fears what makes us decide, 

Our future journey, 

I'm not along for the ride, 

Cuz I'm still learning, 

To try and touch the sun, 

My fingers burning, 

Before you're old you are young, 

Yeah I'm still learning 


I am falling down, 

Try and stop me, 

It feels so good to hit the ground, 

You can watch me, 

Fall right on my face, 

It's an uphill human race, 

and I am falling down 

I'm standing out in the street, 

The earth is moving, 

I feel it under my feet, 

And I'm still proving, 

That I can stand my ground, 

And my feet are there, haven't washed my hair 

Too be lost before you are found, 

Don't mean you are losing 


Some day I'll live in a house 

Etc., etc., etc. 

But you know that's not for now 

and for now I'm falling 




Yeah e Yeah..Yeah e Yeah, 


I'm falling down, 

I'm falling down..I'm falling down... 

I'm falling.... 

Feels so good to hit the ground... 

I am falling

She ended the song with the last strum of her guitar.

Her performance left me speechless. My jaw was hanging, revealing my inner mouth up. "That," she spoke.

"is Falling Down by Avril Lavigne. D'you like it?" She asked with a cheeky smile.

"Do you honestly need to ask that question?"

"Well...yeah." She retorted.

"That was marvelous, Amber. You have the potential to be as singer! Why didn't you tell us about this in-" I was stating my opinion and advice until she cutted me with a quick "You were bullying me.".

"Even though-"

"Do you really expect that I would think you actually cared about my potential?" She asked.

"No." I replied, not knowing that she was right and I'm basically an idiot. 

"So, what do you want to do? It's Saturday and it's boring." I changed the topic immediately, not wanting to start a fight with her.

"I dunn- Ey, what about let's go to the amusement park by the town?" She smiled and tugged my arms like a child who wants to buy a cotton candy.

"Amusement Park? You mean rides, carousel, games, and stuff?" I asked.

"Yup." She said, popping the p. 

"I'll just change my clothes and get ready-"

"You have clothes in our flat?" I cocked an eyebrow.

"Oh, Louis just dropped me off to the mall nearby so I could buy some clothing. Nothing new. Just jeans and tees. Now, you should prepare too." She said while walking off.


"Butts are made for sitting and crapping Harry." She chuckled.

I have no choice but to change my clothes. I stripped my plain shirt and pajamas off. I made sure that the doors and windows are all closed so no one could rape me, expect Amber of course. Wait, that was weird. I shouldn't have said that.

I took a plaid shirt and cream chinos from my wardrobe. I massaged my curls and slid them neatly on my head. I buttoned my plaid shirt up and took a glance at myself in the mirror, making sure Amber wouldn't disgust me.

"Harry, are you ready?" The door slipped open as Amber cocked her head in.


"Let's go." She shut the door and I followed.

I headed downstairs, meeting Louis and El who's sitting down on the couch, watching some cheesy movies.

"Boo, I gotta go." I said and raised both of my eyebrows at Eleanor with a smirk.

"To where?" Louis asked.

"To the carnival. With Amber."

"Is Amber the slim black haired girl?" El butted in.

"Yup." I replied.

"Wait. Why are you going to the carnival if-" Louis said but I cutted him.

"Shush your cakehole. Amber doesn't know about it yet and she'll probably tease me!" I said as my cheeks heat up. This is so embarassing.  

I said my goodbyes to them while giving Lou a death glare before I go.

I walked to the garage where Amber is styling herself up on the driver's seat of the car. I quickly opened the door which caused her to jump.

"Move." I commanded.

"And why would I do that?" She gave a cheeky smirk

"Because I'm driving this time. In fact, you've never had your own car all along." I devilishly insulted, causing her sheepish beam to turn into a pissed off face.

"Move away, Jerk." She pushed me away stormed out of the car to the passenger's seat. She's so damn cute when she's pissed with those crooked eyebrows and crossed arms.

She jumped inside the passenger's seat and slammed the door, still with her pissed look and I just chuckled at it.

"You know, you'll get wrinkles with that look. And it'll make you ugly." I winked.

"So you'll avoid me when I get wrinkles?" She cocked her eyebrow at me. I just pinched her soft cheek and smiled at her. "You know I couldn't do that."

"What if one day, you'll just leave me alone the halls with crowds of people laughing at me because I have wrinkles which is all Harold Edward Styles' fault." She pouted. Argh, this just makes a great amount of urge to kiss her again.

"Yeah. Then I'll throw tomatoes at you when you perform on the stage and yell 'boo'." I laughed.

"You're so mean." She shook her head and took her gaze off.

"And you're pissed easily." I stated obviously.

"Whatever. Why don't we leave now, Mr. Meany? The car's engine has been started and yet we aren't moving. Do you want me to suffocate?" She fakely scowled.

"Suffocate from what, Ms. Easily-Pissed-Off? My hotness?" I sardonically retorted. Amber didn't reply instead she just chuckled. Oh, how I love these teasing and stuff with her. She's so perfect.


"BOO YOU, HARRY!" I felt a huge thunk on my car. I swayed left and right but still not giving up.

"Admit it, you just love bumping into me Amber." I arrogantly winked at her.

"You're so full of yourself ya know that?" She said while looking at me from behind her shoulders.

"No." I pretended.

"Argh!" I heard a squeal coming from Amber who got herself and her bumper car crashed into a stranger's.

"Ha, who's supposed to be boo-ed now, huh?" I grinned at her who still hasn't moved on with that horrendous bump she got.

After the bump cars, we went to some food stands. Amber was like 'oh let's try that! It looks yummy!' here and 'Oh my god. Food everywhere! Can we buy everything all at once?' there. I'm just glad that she isn't one of the girls who are diet watchers.

Finally, Amber decided to settle first on a cheezy footlong. We were supposed to share it but it seems like I've asked the wrong person to share with. So that leaves me on buying my own, too.

"Harry, where do you want to go next?" Amber poked me at my shoulder and began to do big stomps like an impatient kiddo.

"Where do you want? In fact, you're the one who brought up with this idea first." I beamed. She let a groan out then her face quickly brighten up.

"What about..." She stated.

"What about what?"

"What about the Anchor's Away?" She smirked at me, releasing giggles one by one. Oh no, this can't be too good. Wrong move, Harry. Wrong move.


My hands were sweating when we reached the Anchor's Away. In case you didn't know, I have fear in heights. And just by looking at it makes me seriously sick. I took a huge gulp and faced Amber. "Are you sure you want to go there? Won't you feel sick?" I persuaded her to discontinue on riding it. But it seemed like she has broken my code.

"Of course I am, silly. No, I won't. Besides, I have been there for like 7 times already. I'm not like an average girl who has a fear on heights..." She stated. "Do you?"

My cheeks had heaten up and my hands got more sweaty than before. I clenched my fists and thought about it like my entire life depends on it. I seriously don't want to get embarassed infront of Amber. She's like a little angelic-face-like devil who roams around a place, looking for someone to victimize with her pure evil. And I don't want her to victimize me. That's absurd.

"Of course not. I'm a strong man, Amber. Duh." I foolishly lied. I know I sounded a bit gay at lying but that's the best I could do. It's hard to lie on your friend you know.

And about my 'relationship' with Amber, it's obvious that we like each other very much. And I've decided to end our friendship. Yes, I will end our friendship. This day, this place, in person. I will end our friendship because I know it's ridiculous. You can't be permanently friends with someone you're mutually inlove with, can you? So it's final. And I must have to tell her soon.

"Huh, you sound gay. So it basically means you're lying. Ha, you fear heights." She slapped my shoulder and began to give hysteric laughs. She got me. Noooo. I'm suffering from her pure evilness.

"Let's just go. I'll show you who's afraid of heights." I tugged her to the Anchor's Away but she pulled back, still laughing. Once she got control she spoke, "let's play a game."

"A game? But we're going there right?" I said.

"That's the point. We're playing a game... In the Anchor's Away." She winced, crossing her arms. I feel like this is not going to he a good idea.

"W-what's the game?" I stuttered.

"We will sit together. We can shout, put our hands up, sway or whatever it is. The challenges is...we must ignore each other." She smirked. "So it means Mr. I'm-afraid-of-heights shouldn't hug me when we go high." She poked my nose in an annoying way.

This can't be happening.

"What if I talked to you or squeeze you to death?" I asked, hoping that it'll not kill me.

"We're riding the space shuttle a.k.a roller coaster."

I felt a tingly feeling going crazy around my body. My stomach is doing backflips over and over. I must admit that was pretty a difficult challenge for me where I couldn't say 'Challenge Accepted' nor 'I bet I'll win this time' because I know I'm wrong.

"Let's go." Amber pulled my wrist towards the ride. This is not going to be too good, I thought.


"Amber, can we back out at this?"


"B-but-" I tried to say but she cutted me.

"If you want you can jump off anytime. Even if we are near the sky." She winked.

I groaned in response and sat back.

"The game starts in 3...2..."

The boat started to slowly move forward and backward.

"1." And the game officially began.

I thought it was slowly going fine and it's the hardest fall. But when I noticed the other riders, they were all calm. As in completely calm while I started to speak soft screams like 'ahh' and 'slowlyy, slowlyy' then grip tight on the metal handle infront of me. Amber, on the other side, was checking on her phone without any hands on the rail. I gulped when it came to me that it was just a simple taste of what I'll be having.

I felt the harsh pull of the ship backwards and the unwanted fall. It was all going horrendous. I started exclaiming 'Oh my God!'s throughout the whole time. People were screaming around me. My stomach did triple backflips at a single fall.

My feet felt unpleasant. My hands sweated. I shrieked like a homosexual. It basically was sick.

Amber was doing small squeals and chuckles every fall. She was completely ignoring me. She didn't bother to touch nor look at me. She even raised both of her hands when we're in the high air which I could barely do.

The huge pull back of the ship tightened my heart. I sighted a blinding light from above. Oh, God, is it the end of my life? If so, please do take me. I couldn't help riding ere anymore. The time of us in the air felt like minutes until the ship heavily swept forward, leaving my poor soul behind.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" I squealed, accidently burying myself in Amber.

"That was so gay!" She laughed so hard her internal organs could be spitted out.

"HOLY DIPSHIT! STOP THE SHIP!" I stood up as the ship slowly move forward nd backward. As soon as it completely stopped, I took Amber's wrist and shoved her out.


"You mean it turned you gay." She smirked.

"Let's go." I tugged her but she stopped.



"You have a bad memory, Styles." She crossed her arms and backwarded.


"The deal." She muttered.

Damn, she's going to kill me. The space shuttle is full of spirals and slopes and I think my soul wouldn't come back when I ride it.

"No." I said.

"A deal's a deal, Harry. Show me who's the man here." She gripped on my wrist and strongly pulled me to the rollercoaster. While walking, my heels were attached to the ground, not wanting to ride the rollercoaster nor even see it.

"Harry." She scowled.  

I'm going to get killed by a girl without using her hands.


"THAT SERIOUSLY KILLED MY SPIRIT!" My body was technically shaking from the fright. I wasn't thinking straight. The feeling inside the rollercoaster was still clinged to my body and I don't know if it could still leave.

"Yeah, right." She dumped herself im the bench at the park near the carnival where the sunset was shining. I sat beside her, reminiscing the old days as we watch the sunset.

Amber's POV

We sat there, watching the sunset to drown itself. It was a weightless feeling to have Harry by my side with or without having conflicts in life. I don't know why my stomach does backflips every time I see Harry coming towards me.



"I care for you, but..."

"But what?" I said as curiousity lingers around my mind.

"I think...I think we should end our friendship." He stated.

My heart sank very deep. Tears filled my eyes and I've tried to control them.

"W-why?" I stuttered.


"Speak, Harry. 'Cause you're breaking my trust and respect for you again." The tears flowed but I didn't bother to wipe them.

"Because I think it's silly if two mutually like each other." He said.

What was he trying to say? That he should control his feelings over me? Because I am not worth it? I knew it. I can't believe I am being pissed off again. My blood was boiling hot and I couldn't think properly. It was feeling really unpleasant to me.

"State your point, Harry." I said, letting the tears just stream down my face.

"Amber, please don't cry..." He begged but it was not working. It was very obvious of what he's going to say.

"You can't force me not to. State your point." I said as I wipe a tear away.

"Amber, ple-"

"GOD DAMN IT HARRY! COULDN'T YOU JUST STATE YOUR FUCKING POINT?" I yelled at his face. I'm so mad that I could kill a person. It wasn't hurt, it was disappointment. Horrid disappointment.

"My point is..." He paused for a second. Without me knowing, a smile grew on his face.

Wait. Judging by the smile on his face, what could be his point?

"I think we should take it to the next level..."

My thoughts scattered in my head. It shut my mouth. My heart skipped beats.

"Amber, would you take Harold Edward Styles, the most handsome man on earth, as your lovable boyfriend?"

Butterflies filled my stomach as they kept on fluttering inside of it. My face heated up. I looked at his angelic face. Harold Edward Styles, the guy that bullied me for almost the whole middle school, the guy I cursed though I can't deny I had a crush on, is now proposing infront of me for a commitment.

I did what is the next thing lined up in my mind; to kiss him. I smashed my lips on him.

The fireworks and tingly feelings were back. It was very unusual to have this feeling. It feels so damn right.

Harry cupped my cheeks as I mess with his curls using my fingers. He leaned his body on me. I felt the heat of Harry's body transferring to mine.

Harry pulled away, still cupping my cheeks and his forehead leaning on mine. "Is that a yes?" He said in a husky voice.

"Yes..." I replied and reconnected our lips back.

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