500 days with Cancer (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

They say everyone lived for a reason. Amber didn't know hers. Parents passed away, bullied by the whole school, and the worse, diagnosed with Cancer. She only wanted one thing; to reach her dream of being a singer.


6. Chapter 6.


Harry's POV

I can't believe I kissed her and let her run away for another time. I'm so stupid, I kept on repeating it to myself as I was walking down the hallway.

"Hurry up, Niall. there's people waiting."

"Alright, alright. Done."

"My turn!"

"Unfair, Lou. I was there first."

I heard some sighs and argues going on. I walked further and sighted a long line of students piling up on the huge cork board with pens on their hands.

"What's going on?" I came upon Louis and the lads who were one of the people piling up.

"Harry! Right in time. Here, write your name now. We should start practicing." Louis immediately placed the pen in my hand and shoved me to the cork board.

I was a bit puzzled on what's going on since students barely pile up near the cork board.

"What the bloody hell is going on, Louis?" My body was still sticking to the cork board as I questioned.

"Didn't you hear? It's for the auditions! They're picking students in Twin Branches for the X-Factor!"

My jaw literally dropped. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I won't let it pass by.

I started to scribble my name in one of the available lines in the paper entitled X-Factor Auditions for Twin Branches.

As I was done, something bugged my head. I felt I had a need to do something I don't know. Until it hit me. I was suppose to put Amber's name in it! Like I've said, I wanted Amber to reach her dreams as if it was me whom she promised to.

I scribbled Amber's name into the paper and a smirk appeared on my lips.

"Why are you writing Amber's name?" Zayn gave an annoyed tone. I didn't see that coming.

"Because umm...well...she asked me to do it." I said as an excuse.

Zayn didn't reply instead he just walked away. I don't really know what's with him. Can't he just let me do things on my own without being asked why?

"You like her don't you?" Liam came upon me and raised his eyebrow, giving me a glare that sent chills down my spine. I felt my stomach gurgling harsh. Never did I expect he would ask such a question. What now, Harry?

"No, why would I?" good one Harry. Now you've trapped yourself. I find having argues with my inner self horrid. Can't I just think naturally?

"No, I'm not falling for another lie of yours, mate." He smirked and he gently tapped my shoulder. Why do I look so obvious when I'm lying?

"Liam, let's go! My tummies gurgling." Niall tugged Liam's hand similar to how a toddler does to its parents. Oh Niall, you've never changed.

"I guess I do too." Liam agreed and they both went towards the cafeteria.

"Hey, wait for me!" Zayn jogged towards them, leaving Louis and me behind.

"Hard to lie about your feelings, huh?" Louis murmured but wasn't looking at me.

"Who? Me?"

"No, your pants." Louis rolled his eyes. I raised my eyebrow at him with a puzzled look.

"Don't be such a retard, Haz, of course I'm talking to you."

"Oh sorry. What are you talking about?!" I scowled.

"I'm talking about how you hide your feelings for Amber from the boys!"

"I told you, you may never speak of this."

"Oh did I? Or your actions did? Like what I've said, Harry, time may come that they'll know about it, not because of me, but of you." Louis poked my chest and gave me a wink. My mind wasn't working properly that time. Louis was actually right.

"I must go now. You should think of a plan on how to tell Amber that you've listed her name for the auditions." Louis waved goodbye and walked away. Shit, I haven't thought of that. I forgot that Amber's still mad at me and it'll only get worse if I tell her she's auditioning for the X-Factor. Damn it, Harry. You're so stupid.

Amber's POV

Because I love you.

It kept on repeating inside my head. It really bothers me alot.

Harry Styles love me? Or he's setting me up again. God, Amber, you're falling for his prank! I can't believe it. He's actually doing it to make me look stupid infront of everybody. Brianna is a bit right. But I can't find any right proofs. So I must remain calm by now.

I was walking down the hallways. Everyone who passed by me was staring. Oh yeah, they might've notice I'm getting skinnier by now. I'm losing the ability to eat normally since I'm kinda weak. My appetite is weak. I could only take few spoonful of food until I feel bloated. My cheekbones were showing too.

It was a quiet walk when someone hollered my name. 


It was Harry and he was running towards me. At first I thought he was going to attack me so I covered myself with the things I was holding and used it as a shield. How childish!

"Did you really think I would bump you?" Harry chuckled.

"Awkward but yes I did. You were fast like hell."

"You still mad at me?"

"Actually yes. Please stop doing it. My mind can't work properly."

"Do what? The kiss? And why is your mind not working properly?"

"Urm...nevermind." I sighed.

"Did you believe me when I said I love you?"

"To be honest, I didn't. Why would you?" I admitted what I thought.

"Oh." Was all he could say. I'm not sure if he was disappointed but I can tell he is by his response.

"Please don't set me up with this. I don't want to get hurt. Stop it, Harry." I was telling what I'm feeling right now. I wanted him to stop pretending infront of me because it hurts.

"What are you talking about? I was honest when I said that!" He shouted in my face. My heart was slightly being tore apart. He's not stopping.

"I don't know whether to believe you or not."

"You should because I'm honest. Look, I wrote your name in the auditions for X-Factor."

"YOU WHAT?" I knew it! He was setting me up! He wanted me to feel ashamed infront of the audiences. Brianna was right! Amber you're so stupid.

"I thought you might li-"

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO FEEL ASHAMED? WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO GET LAUGHED ON? I CAN'T BELIEVE I TRUSTED YOU! I KNEW IT. I SHOULD'VE LISTENED TO HER ABOUT YOU SETTING ME UP. NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!" I literally yelled at his face. Tears started to run down my face. Before he could say something, I ran away from him. I just couldn't trust him anymore.

I'm so stupid for falling into his prank. His just another careless bully I know. I thought I could trust him but I can't. I felt that my crush over Harry had just honestly faded. Breaking my trust over him lead me to hate him badly.


Harry's POV


I was suppose to ask why was she assuming I set her up but unfortunately, she ran away. I don't understand her. Why did she come up with the idea that I'm setting her up? I just stood there, watching her presence fade away similar to what happened in the beach but this time, it broke me.

'I should've listened to her.'

Her? I understand it if it was a 'him' but it was a 'her'. That demon ruined everything. I was getting along until that damn demon...Ugh I despise her. What brought her to that kind of thinking? Does she even know how many lives she can kill?

Tears fastly ran down my face. My heart was slowly torn down to pieces. I feel like dying. "Never talk to me again." She said. She didn't know I couldn't survive a day without having contact with her. This was the first time I cried because of a girl. My knees felt weak. My hand formed into a fist. I thought everything was going fine until she just shouted at me without me having a clue on what she's saying. Whoever gave her an idea about setting her up must pay and I mean it.


Louis' POV

"HARRY I GOT Y- Harry?" I was astonished as I saw Harry sitting in the couch, staring unconcsiously at the walls.

"Harry?" I repeated but he didn't reply. His eyes were awfully puffy. His curls were a big mess. There were bottles of beer in the table, some were shattered and others were laying on the floor. Something just got into his nerves.

"He-ey, Lou." His voice was shaky. The tears started to flow in his eyes. His looks were horrifying.

"Could I ask you what happened?"

"No." He quickly replied.

"Do you want me to leave you to it?" I asked since I know Harry needs help in this types of situations where he's horrid weak and crying.

"I-i gue-ess."

"You sure?"


"Well then tell me why are you crying."


I recognized the name. It was the first time Harry cried over a girl. Amber seemed to be very special to him. I could see he was torn apart.

"What about Amber?"

"She hates me." He whimpered.

It kinda hurt me too. Seeing Harry crying over a girl was definitely sad.

"Would you like me to talk to h-"

"Don't." He cut me off. 

"She's broke too."

"Oh. I understand you both. Let me get you to bed. You look knackered." I helped Harry to his room and there he cried to sleep. It did hurt me to see him crying and knowing you can't do anything.

Amber's POV

I stormed into my house without bother to greet Chloe who comes home earlier than I do.

"Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Chloe frowned.

I plugged my iPod to the speakers and turned it into the maximum volume. The songs playing were moody and dark. It honestly described my situation at the moment.

I started to act like a rebel. I locked myself inside my room with Chloe continuosly knocking at the door which was annoying. I even skipped dinner. I either just stare at the ceiling or hug my knees in the corner of the room. I started to swallow some pills like usual. I lighted my tobacco and started to smoke.

Once I got fed up with my music, I changed it to Pop Punk, Pop Rock, and Screamo songs. I held to my electric guitar and go with the song. It filled my room with noise so I couldn't here Chloe knocking repeatively. I started singing to the screamo songs. I didn't care if it annoys the neighbors. I was totally out of myself. I need to move away from Harry.

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