500 days with Cancer (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

They say everyone lived for a reason. Amber didn't know hers. Parents passed away, bullied by the whole school, and the worse, diagnosed with Cancer. She only wanted one thing; to reach her dream of being a singer.


5. Chapter 5.


Amber's POV 

"Oww...careful there a little." I requested as Chloe help me jump off the car.


I took a stand infront of my house as if I wasn't here in ages.

"You missed it didn't you?"

"Mindreader." I grunted upon Chloe.

"Let's go in. You should take a rest." Chloe held on my arms and assisted me to the entrance of my house. Pretty annoying since I can move on my on. My legs are working fine. I have a Lung Cancer, not a bone disease or something.

"I can handle it. I'm not that fragile." I playfully whacked her hands off me and walked straight into my house.

I still can't accept the fact that I have Lung Cancer. I could die anytime right now.

"So what do you plan to do?" Chloe questioned as I stood there with an empty mind.

"I don't know. I still got to go to school right? I don't wanna end it though. Even if I had to catch up alot." I admitted. School still has a role in my life.

"So it's fine even when people criticize you?"

"I am not sure. But if it happened, it was for a reason."

"You know, you're starting to go for wise words." She elbowed my arms repeatedly. I just chuckled at her response.

"I guess? And I think I should change my change." I meant that I should change the way I do things. From the beginning of school, I tried to get girly which wasn't me before and it just doesn't seem to be right.

"So you're going back to your old self?"

"I guess. But that doesn't mean it'll be permanent."

"Well okay." She just agreed. "But what about Harry?"

Those words brought my fast thinking back.

"What do you mean?" I was clueless of what she was trying to say but I think it was about the time I rejected him in my hospital room.

"Wouldn't you care of what he will be thinking about you?" Chloe raised an eyebrow at me. What was she saying? That Harry really cared? Since when? I know he kissed me once which was kinda stupid for him to do but Chloe doesn't know about it so what she means is far away from the kiss.

"Why would he even care Chloe? I don't get your point about Harry. Besides, I'm avoiding him. I shouldn't be anywhere around him. He's a bully to me and I can't change that."

"One, he appeared on the hospital for you. Isn't that enough to show he cared? Two, why are you avoiding him? I thought you forgave him already? He's not a bully to you anymore, Amber. And three, when and where did you forgive him?"

Her words struck me. She has a point. A huge point. What really fasten my heart beat is the part where she asked when and where did I forgive Harry. I couldn't tell her but she's my only friend.

"One, why was he even there?" I slowly spoke since I didn't want to get to the part where I forgive Harry.

"Because I told him! But I didn't tell him to come to your room."

"Oh so it was your fault?"

"Yes I admit. Continue your objections, hun." She pulled a devilish smirk. Why would she even smirk at our not-so mean argue?

"Two...uhh...yeah I forgive him. But..."

"But what?"

"I still can't accept the fact that I did." I admitted.

"So you regret it?"

"I guess."

"If it happened it was for a reason." She pulled a smirk again. To be honest, it was annoying. "And three?"

Shit. I can't do this. I'm a big mouthed person so I couldn't just keep a secret to myself without telling a trusted person. "Well umm...I guess you remember Harry inviting me to the beach the first day." I started to speak slowly.

"Yes I do. You forgave him there? What happened?" She gave an ear-damaging squeal.

"Could you let me finish?"

"Oops. Sorry."

"Well things got awkward. He started apologizing sincerely and deep. He admitted he regret every bit of the things he did to me. He saw the scars on my arms which was caused by my cutting. Then he endlessly apologized again." I almost ran out of breath by summarizing the whole event.

"Then you forgave him?"

"Yeah." I was relief I ended it. But something made me want to tell her the complete thing.

"And then?" What she asked widen my eyes. How could she tell it wasn't finish yet?


"I know there's still something you want to tell. It's on the tip of your tongue Amber. It shows that there's something you're hiding!"

How could I ever escape from this girl?

"It's done. Nothing was hidden." I had a difficulty in lying.

"If you don't tell me the truth I will message Harry saying you passionately loved him since middle school and that you wished you could make love to him." Chloe was certainly evil.

I skipped a heartbeat. Chloe took her phone making me squeal. "NO CHLOE! OKAY OKAY I'LL SAY IT!!!" I begged. She placed her phone down and started to listen to me.

"Go ahead. I'll listen." What a devil, I thought.

"Well, when he was caressing my scars, he looked into me and we locked our eyes... I didn't notice that our faces were just milimeters away. I could even feel his breath lingering on my nose."


"I shut my eyes and..." I took a big gulp.

"You kissed. Okay story time over. Bed time. Chop-chop!" Chloe quickly stood up and headed to the stairs, leaving me confused at what she just did.

"How did you know?" My eyes widen at Chloe who was hopping on the steps of the stairs.

"Hunny, it was obvious you're going to kiss, duh!"

"Then why were you letting me tell the whole story if you already know it?!"

"I just wanted to know if you have the guts to tell me a deep secret. I know you could never hide something from me." Chloe gave an evil wink and headed upstairs.

I was still confused. I started to chuckle at what just had happened. Oh how I love Chloe.



Harry's POV

"You know, it's rude to just stare at your food." I heard chuckles coming around.

"Uh what?" I started to regain my conscience back. I looked at those 4 boys who were hysterically laughing at me.

"What's in the mind of the cheeky boy?" Louis sat infront of me and pinched my cheek harder than I thought he would.

"Oww." I held onto my cheek. "Nothing. Why?" I lied.

"Oh sorry I'm not satisfied with your answer. Seriously Haz, what happened? Is this about Amber?" Louis looked deep into my eyes. I can't look deep to it. I think he knows I'm preparig for another lie.

"That fugly girl?" Zayn butted in. My blood boiled in anger. It was honestly the rudest thing I heard from him. I quickly stood up and grabbed his shoulders.

"Never ever call Amber fugly or else..." I looked fiercely to his eyes. He seemed creeped out but Zayn never backs off to a fight.

"Or else what Harry?"

"Or else I will ditch your hair off." I kinda replied something which was awkward.

Niall, who has a burger on his hands, gave a hysteric laugh causing all eyes on him. He definitely laughs at anything good or bad.

"What?" I could tell he felt embarassed afterwards. We all just whined as response.

"Hey hey off of each other now." Liam held on both of us and separated us.

I took another fierce glance at Zayn and walked away. To be honest, I felt amazing for walking it out.

"Harreh wait!" I heard Louis call from the lunch table. I didn't want to turn my back around him so I just continued on walking away. I stopped at the entrance of the cafeteria and Louis was right behind me.


"What has gotten into you? I thought you hated Amber at first! Why are you so protective of her nowadays?"

"Because I knew that I was the reason that caused her all of these!"

"All of what? It doesn't seem we have an effect on Amber!"

"You don't know a single thing."

"What do you mean?"

"Amber has..."

"Hey Harry, mind sitting with us?" 

Oh no. No shit. I am not gonna talk with this girl.

"Um sorry. I already have a seat." I answered. I am deeply irritated with Brianna. I can't stand her slutty dresses.

"Well that's fine." I could tell she's disappointed by what I said. "What about a party in my house later night?"

What the hell is in her mind? Can't she see I'm dealing with something right now?

"Oops. Sorry. We got our own plans." Good thing Louis butted in the conversation.

"Whatever." Brianna rolled her eyes on me, sending me a disapproving response.

"Why does she even go here?" Louis asked in a girlish tone making me chuckle a bit.

"You probably know this school, Boo."

"So Amber has what?"

I forgot we were in a middle of a conversation when Brianna just insert herself in like that.

"Uh...she has Lung Cancer." I felt guilty so bad.


"Yeah. Don't wanna talk about it."

"Okay. But do you fancy her?" Louis quickly changed the subject. My heart started to pump so fast. I don't know what to say. I know I had feelings for her since. But Louis and the lads hate her and they might just ditch me when I say yes.

"Uhh...nope." I eventually lied.

"Not satisfied again. I know you fancy Amber ever since." Louis rolled his eyes while chuckling at my look.

"Am not."

"You're blushing, for your information."

I quickly covered my face. "Why would I blush?"

"C'mon. I swear I won't tell anyone."

"You promise."

"Anything for my boyfriend." He winked. We have this bromance thingy but it's just a loyal friendship between us. Louis has been always the best.

"Okay. I fancied Amber ever since my eyes landed on her."

"Why didn't you tell us?"

"Because I'm easily peer-pressured!"

"Oh. Now I get it."

"You may never speak of this."

"But still, they'll hear about it in no time. Not from me, but possibly from you." Louis winked and walked off to the lunch table with the boys.



Amber's POV

I was walking down the hall to my next class as I bumped onto someone's rock-hard body and fell on the floor.

"Ooh sorry Amber. Here let me help." He sticked his hand out towards me. In my surprise, it was one of the gang, Niall.

I didn't grab on his hand instead I pulled myself up off the ground and took my things from the floor. "It's okay I'll be fine."

"You sure? It looks like you fell hard?" He spoke with a thick Irish accent. It was weird when he acted like this infront of me.

"Why are you being kind towards me right now?" I questioned to clear things up.

"Well, earlier at lunch, Harry was sat there, looking blank at his food. Then when Louis asked if it was about you, Zayn butted in and called you 'fugly' , then Harry just stood up and grabbed Zayn and looked fiercely to his eyes." Niall almost ran out of breath.

Harry just did that? But why?

"Oh. So you're being kind to me so Harry won't beat your puny ass?" I chuckled. To be honest, I kinda thought it was rude to say that.

"Either that or I just don't want him to get hurt." He didn't seem to be affected. Well if I'm right, Niall laughs at almost everything. How cute, I thought.

"Why would Harry get hurt?" I questioned curiously.

"By the reaction he gave earlier, I think he's overprotective when it comes to you."

"Why would he be overprotective when it comes to me?" I still asked and asked about it. Everything was still unclear to me. Is it because I have Cancer? So he's protecting me because I have Cancer which means I'm weak enough to defend myself? Wow. How stupid of him.

"I don't know. Why not ask him. Got to go. I'm hungry."

I just gave Niall a 'what the hell?' look and walked away. I can't believe Harry thinks I'm weak and coward. He's such an awful faggot.





"Hey." He sticked his hand out but immediately placed it back when he saw my response.

I didn't greet him back instead I walked pass him and ignored him.

"Amber, wait. What's wrong?"

I turned around to face him and gave him a disapproving look. "How could you think I'm weak and coward?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Why are you protecting me so damn bad? Is it because I have Cancer? Does it mean I can't handle myself already? You're giving me a bad name, Harry! You're making me look like an attention whore!" I argued at him, pointing my finger in his chest and looking at him straight into the eyes.

"Hey listen. I don't understand you. What are you talking about? But whatever it is, I'm sorry."

"Niall told me you almost beat Zayn up earlier. And now, he's being kind to me because he doesn't want you to get him beaten up like what you almost did to Zayn. You're making me look a lot worse than before!"

"He said that?"

"I gave it as an option and he chose it."

"Did he say any other things?"

"He didn't want to see you get hurt. Now tell me, why would you get hurt?"

"Because I can't stand it when they're bullying you!"

The argue has gotten alot stronger. Harry started to shout back but he's trying not to.

"Oh so you're protecting me from bullying?"

"Exactly." He calmly said.


He was silenced.

"Because...I care!" He continued.

"And why do you care?" I didn't stop asking. I felt my blood boil. My questions were not satisfied by the answers Harry gave but the last answer satisfied all.

"Because I love you."

I was about to say something when he cutted me. His lips crashed into mine. Suddenly, I felt fireworks inside of me. His lips fitted perfectly onto mine. His lips were sweet as before. I can't believe I kissed Harry Styles for another time. It was remarkable. It soothed the pain and anger away.

I pulled back and same happens. I stormed out but with tears running down again. I don't know why but I always feel guilty when I kiss Harry. It seemed like I was stealing Harry from someone.

I entered the comfort room and walked straightly to the mirrors. In my surprise, a figure of a slim girl in a tank top and mini skirt reflected in the mirror. She looked similar to the girl that was with these bunch of witches that Chloe amazingly shut up. It was funny, really.

"So you got a kiss from Harry?"

"And what did you get?" I practically joked.

"No time for jokes, hunny. Just to inform you, Harry and his friends are bullies. They are bullies." She said, emphasizing that I should go away from Harry.


"They're looking for a nice victim. Can't you see Harry's been bullying you since Middle School? He couldn't just say sorry and go crazy over you. Hunny, they are practically SETTING YOU UP! Heard it? SETTING YOU UP! It's a prank, Amber. Never go near Harry again. Don't tell me I didn't warn you. I'm Brianna by the way." She walked out of the comfort room.

I don't know if I should believe her! She looks like she's serious of what she's saying. I'm very clueless of what to do



Guys! omg I just made few edits and stuff with this. sorrryy if I confused you a bit. lol anyways enjoy! x

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