500 days with Cancer (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

They say everyone lived for a reason. Amber didn't know hers. Parents passed away, bullied by the whole school, and the worse, diagnosed with Cancer. She only wanted one thing; to reach her dream of being a singer.


4. Chapter 4.


Harry's POV

I slept last night in Amber's door step. I kept calling her and knocking on the door. "Amber! Please. I'm sorry if I did something wrong!"

No answers.

I decided to text her but I haven't recieved a message from her lately.

I've thought of texting Chloe since she's her bestfriend.

'Chloe, have any ideas where Amber is?'

I sent the text message to her and shut my phone. 

I layed my back towards my dusty car, waiting for Amber to pop out of her front door.

I turned my phone on and recieved a text from Chloe.

'Harry! Thank God. Amber is in the hospital. You wouldn't want to know. She doesn't want you to come so don't bother to. But if you have something to offer, just drop it off by the lobby. Thanks x'

Tears formed in my eyes. She's in the hospital and they don't want me to know what happened to her.

What did happen to Amber?

Amber's POV

"Amber..." Chloe sighed, rubbing my back and crying.

"It's unfair." I cried, hugging my legs and turning to a blank wall.

"Why me? Why not anyone else in this bloody earth, Chloe? Why me??" I sat up and grabbed a bundle of my hair, pulling it down.

"Amber, don't do this." She hugged me from behind and kept swaying me sidewards. She buried her chin under my neck and tears streamed down her face.

I heard the door creek open. I saw woman in a white petite dress, and a hat with a red cross in it.

"G'morning, Ms. Amber." The nurse politely greeted with a smile. She fixed the tray beside me and flipped my blanket, covering my whole body.

"When could she go home?" Chloe, from the couch, stood up and worried.

"Next week, Ms. Chloe." The nurse answered. 

"Is there a cure for her disease?"

"I'm afraid there is none." She showed her pity.

My heart shattered into pieces. I'll pass away not long from now. Isn't it too ironic when the person who hasn't done much in her life will die just like that?

"Oh..." Chloe sighed and looked at me with pity and sorrow in her eyes.

Tears started to form in my eyes. 

For the hundredth time, I'm going to cry once again.

"I'll leave you for now. The doctor will come to inform you of what will happen." The nurse smiled but I could sense the pity she has.

"I'm sorry..." Chloe rubbed circles onto my back.

"I can't believe it." I murmured with tears running down my face, accidently entered my mouth causing me to taste its saltiness. 

"I'm going to die in no time." I sadly laughed.

"No you're not." She wiped the tears off my face. I could even see the tears in her face, too.

"I haven't done much in my life."

"Well, what would you want?"  

"I don't know."

Suddenly, the door quickly opened and someone entered.


"Amber..." He ran towards me.

"Go away Styles. What are you doing here?" I turned away from his direction.

How could he know I was in the hospital?

"Harry, I told you not to come by!" Chloe shouted.

"I can't stop myself Chloe. Amber needs me." 

"I don't need you." I muttered.

"What? I thought you forgave me already?" He seemed hurt to hear that.

"I did forgive you. But it doesn't mean I need you. Go away."

Harry watched me. He then bowed down to the floor. I can sense him crying.

But I felt him to walk away and slam the door.

He's gone.

I started to let out some continious sobs.

"Shhhh...It's okay." Chloe tapped my back and rubbed cirlces.

The door creeked open again and the doctor entered.

"Ms. Amber? Let me just give you a list of what can happen to you, and the things you need to do when youhome."

The doctor smiled and gave me the list and left.

"Amber." Chloe gasped. The tears ran down her face very fast.

"What?" I looked up on her.

"The estimated time of you with Cancer is just...500 days..."

"Will that mean, I'm just going to suffer for 500 days?" My hopes were high.

"It can be..." She murmured. 

"But the more possibilites is for you to...die"

I broke down in tears. It can't be.  I'm going to be gone in a few days.

Harry's POV

"I don't need you." My world was slowly teared apart. I forced myself to believe she was lying.

"What? I thought you forgave me already?" I shrieked, showing the hurt and begging.

"I did forgive you. But it doesn't mean I need you. Go away." Those little words sent me to tears. I bowed down, hiding the liquid that flows down to my face from her. I opened the door and slammed it. I walked away to the waiting area. I know that I need her. I stopped and turn back. I planned to go back to her. I didn't want to leave her there in sickness. It will just make me feel guilty.

I walked up to her door and leaned onto it, listening to some voices.

"But the more possibilites is for you to...die" I heard Chloe murmur.

What? She's going to die? But why? What does she have? I thought her case was not  severe until I heard those little words coming from the mouth of Chloe. Why is Amber going to die?

I heard the sobs of Amber. She seemed she's starting to give up. But I won't let her to. I would never let Amber give up. She still has a life to live. But what can I do?

Oh wait, I remember.

*~*~*~* 5 years earlier ~*~*~*~*

" Why do you always do this to me
Why couldn't you just see through me

How come you act like this like you just don't care at all "

The voice caught my attention from the room that has been left open. I sneaked up and leaned my shoulder to the walls to listen.

" Do you expect me to believe 
Like I was the only one to fall "

To be honest, the voice of the girl was pretty attractive. She seemed to be a talented singer and guitarist if I may add. I peeked through the door. In my surprise, it was who I thought it was. Amber.

"You're such a wonderful singer and musician! You could audition for the talent show this December!" Chloe, her loyal friend, shouted at the top of her lungs. She seemed very amazed at Amber's voice.

"Am not. And no, I won't. I don't want to see people rubbing their faces on me. I couldn't handle another crowd laughing their asses off. " Amber sighed. I know it was mine and the whole school's fault when she lost her self-esteem so bad. Since the whole school started to bully her, she had a dead life.


"No Chloe. I'm not allowing them to do it again. I'm not letting their posh ass up on my face again. I know I wanted to be a singer so bad but audtitioning for this school is not and never will be an option, get it?"

Wow. She really seemed she had enough of us. This is the time I could understand how life would be if I was her. I already knew I was mean towards Amber. But honestly, I fancied her ever since my eyes landed on her. I just used bullying as a strategy to not let Amber know I fancy her.

"Ok. But I'm going to promise that you will reach your dreams! I promise you could have the greatest chance of shoving your own mega-size posters onto each of their faces. I promise that...that you could know the reason why you lived."

I honestly have never heard of two middle school friends talk like this. I never thought it really affected Amber. 

"Thanks." Amber let a teary smile out. But then it turned out to be a hurted cry.

I also have never seen or heard Amber cry. It was the first critic time I have heard her. She cried and leaned on Chloe's free shoulder. They looked like the cutest friends ever. 

But now I know, Amber wanted to be a singer. I've got to do something.

"Haz, whatcha lookin' up there?" I jumped in response. Zayn was stood behind me the whole time.
"ZAYN DON"T DO THAT!" I yelled at his face. He just laughed at my response as I was boiling in anger.

"Do what?" He annoyingly chuckled.
"Don't creep the hell outta me."

"Sorry. What's in there anyways?"

"But why are you peeking through?"

"I just thought I saw something."

Zayn immediately pushed me away and peeked through the door. "ZAYN!" I quietly shouted.

"Is that Amber?" He gave me an awkward laugh. I tried to brainstorm of things I could use as an excuse so Zayn wouldn't accuse me of stalking Amber.

"Urm... yeah. I'm trying to find things that would make me laugh and embarass her."  I horridly lied. It filled me with guilt. My stomach started to crumple. My voice was shaky. Good thing that Zayn seemed to be impressed at what I said.

"Oh. Nice one, Harry. We must get going. The lads are waiting for us."

"Alright." Though I didn't want to leave, I followed Zayn to see the lads.

~*~*~*~* Present Time ~*~*~*~*

Oh yeah. Amber wanted to be a singer in the future. I don't think stealing the jobs and promises of their friends is a bad idea I guess. So I know exactly what to do.


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