500 days with Cancer (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

They say everyone lived for a reason. Amber didn't know hers. Parents passed away, bullied by the whole school, and the worse, diagnosed with Cancer. She only wanted one thing; to reach her dream of being a singer.


2. Chapter 2.


"the breeze is cold." I hugged myself whilst the wind blew harshly against me. 

"Need a coat?" Harry offered his brown, bulky coat to me.

"Nah, it's fine. So where shall we start?"

"Umm. So..." He cleared his throat and continued talking. 

"How's your life going?"

"It's the biggest load of shit that I recieved. I shouldn't be living a life." I bowed down to the ground, regretting every bit of the time. 

"What? But, why?" Harry gave me a concerned face. I was glad I was with him today.

He didn't really bully me or set me up. He's like, help me live my life which didn't seem to go to the right direction.

"Well, you see, my parents passed away years ago. I don't have any siblings or any family to adopt me since I'm in the right age to live by myself. I only have Chloe by my side. 

"Plus, you're bullying kills me." I prevented myself from crying.

I tried to look at Harry who was regretting every thing he did to me. His bright, green, orb-like eyes were in contact with mine.

"Have you tried commiting suicide?"

"If cutting myself and taking drugs are considered as suicide then yes." I cutted the eye contact and looked through the sea's waves splashing upon the sand.


"Amber? Why would you even do that?" He grabbed me and looked straight to my eyes.  

"Because I don't have a life to live." I removed the gripped of Harry from me and walked further from Harry.

"Amber, wait!" He ran to me and tried to catch up. 

I turned to him and crossed my arms. I was giving the best of not showing Harry Styles how I look when I cry. 

He stopped and he tried to talk but I cutted him by walking to the waves.

"Amber..." He sighed.

"Why do I have to get the worse life among all the people in the world?" I sat on the sands whilst the waves splashed on me, causing my clothes to go damp which I didn't bother of. 

"I'm sorry for making your life worse. I didn't know you were going to feel that way." He sat beside me and apologized.

"I don't think it's right for me, Harry. All you know that it's fun ruining my life." I cried, wiping the tears with the sleeve of my cardigan.

"Look, don't I seem regretting every bit of what I did to you? Please, Amber. I'm sorry. What can I do for you to forgive me?' he gripped tight onto my hand and squeezed it. 

He's contact with my eyes were melting me.

I didn't notice that our gap was decreasing. His minty breath lingered on me. Before I could do anything, he kissed me. His lips were connected with mine. I could taste the mint-raspberry flavor in his breath.  

I can't believe it. I was wanting this kiss for ages. And now, I had it. His soft, sweet lips were in sync with mine. 

As I pulled away, I paused a stare to Harry.

"Sorry. I shouldn't be doing this." I stood up and walked away.

Harry just stood there. Watching my presence to fade away. I'm so stupid for not pulling away and not slapping him. No. I can't be falling for him too hard.

Harry's POV

I kissed her. I just kissed Amber Lloyd. It can't be. I let my stupid head do it. She was the girl I was madly inlove with for years and now, I kissed her. 

What was weird is that, she didn't pull away nor slap me. Did she like it? Did she hate me even more. By the look on her face, she was confused. I don't want to start an awkward relationship with her. It can't be.

I was suppose to just appologize but I also kissed her. What is with your head Harry?

Amber's POV

Walking up to the door, I'm like a drunk guy but I can sense tears flowing down my eyes. I folded the door mat and took they door key out. 

I inserted the door key and twisted it till it unlocks. I entered my dark, lonely home which is only occupied by me. I really find it creepy and annoying to live here but I have no choice but to.

I turned all the lights on and sat on top of the couch. I sat there thinking about the stupid kiss I recieved from Harry. It's just so unbelievable. First was he bullied me earlier then we just talked for about minutes then...he kissed me on the same day. 3 happenings on the same day. Stupid.

My phone suprisingly vibrated. I took it from my pocket and it was a call from Harry.  He had my number when he stole my phone one time. But why would he get it?

I was too tired and awkward to answer it so I placed it down.

After all the thinking about today, I started to cough chronicly. It hurted my throat so bad. I covered my mouth with my bare hands as I let my serious coughout. As I looked through my hand, I was astonished by what I saw.

I saw a bright red liquid covering my palms. It was thick and reddish. My throat hurts so bad. What is this?

The next thing that happened to me is the shortness of my breath. I really find it difficult to breath tonight. Everytime a breath, I hear a sound like a chick chirping around. I didn't feel well. I tried to dial Chloe's number but no answers.

I started to panic. I went upstairs and took my pills and swallowed 4 of it. I drank a glass of water and eventually the pain faded in seconds. I sighed in relief. I sat again, staring at the blank wall.

Suddenly, I saw a black figure crossing my room. As the figure pass by, I followed it with my eyes. After it faded, I didn't mind. My sight was blurry and making me feel dizzy. I fell on the floor and slid backwards.

I saw blood running down the walls, faces appearing on the glasses, mirrors and drawers, my pictures started to move in a creepy way.

I was horrified by these things. I kept screaming and hollering. I covered myself with the blanket from my bed. I also heared noises screaming for help. I was terrified and frightened. If only someone could help me. Staring at those things made me scream even louder.

I didn't know what happened next but before I fainted, I saw something or someone carry me.





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